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Undefeated Heavyweight Chaz Morgan Has The UFC in His Sights


Hammond native, Chaz Morgan (8-0) will look to take a step further in his dream of being a UFC Heavyweight this Saturday night in Pensacola. He will be one of the marquee match-ups as part of the cross promotional MMA/Boxing event Island Fights 33, which will be headlined by one of boxing’s legends Roy Jones Jr.

Chaz will take on a man who has had almost 100 professional bouts and 10 of which have come against 10 former UFC heavyweights. Johnathan Ivey is his name but his name holds no weight to Chaz. Chaz is looking to further his legacy in the gulf south and move on to the big show.

Chaz has trained extensively for this fight in one particular area to counter Ivey’s strong suit, the leg lock. Even though Johnathan has close to 100 bouts to his credit, Chaz doesn’t believe he’ll be his toughest test to date.

“Specifically I’ve trained leg lock defense for Ivey. He’s won more fights by leg lock that anyone else In the sport so that is his only chance of winning. I feel that I’m better than him in grappling as well as striking so if it goes to the ground I’m confident I’ll still be dominant.I don’t think he’s my toughest fight yet. I fought Demoreo Dennis and beat him in a decision with my elbow dislocated the entire 5 rounds in a championship fight. He would beat Ivey and I beat him with 1 arm so I’m confident my hand will be raised no matter how it plays out. It does not bother me that he has 93 pro mma fights. I train daily with the best heavyweights in the world and he will not show anything I’ve never seen. Other than maybe a little show boating which I don’t mind. Bring it.”

Morgan has a positive mindset going into the contest and believes he will take care of business relatively quickly.

“I’m going to take the fight to him. If he wants to just survive it’ll be a long bloody night but I don’t think he can take my power. It should go quickly. As far as how, I’m not willing to talk about how. There are a million different ways a fight can go. I just know I will not be defeated. The victory is already mine. I’ve received it already”

Earlier last week on social media Chaz was called out by a northern heavyweight by the name of Tyler King (9-2). Chaz gave his thoughts on the confrontation online and what he plans to do with Tyler.

“Tyler King is one of the top guys from Boston. He’s 9-2 and the New England fights current champion. We used to share a manger. I faced him in the NAGA world championships in December for the world title. He was kind of rude and wouldn’t talk to me before the match. I guess he needed to be mad at me to pump himself up. Ok but that’s not my thing I guess, whatever you need to do is ok with me. I threw him around a few times but it was a pretty boring Greco match. Like a big bull pushing a smaller bull around for 6 minutes. I beat him on points but it was nothing special. As soon as it was over I hugged him and shook his hand. He started whining and complaining about the loss as if I didn’t really beat him fairly. Just being a poor sport really. Then he said I was afraid to fight him in the cage. I laughed and that was that. Then a while back he called me out on Facebook saying I never fought anyone good and just being disrespectful. Attacking my credentials. So I’m trying to talk to some of the TV promotions on axstv and cbs about trying to get that fight. Usually I’m very respectful to my opposition but when someone is classless like he has been it makes it easier for me to put them down. He’s got it coming and I’m going to give it to him.”

Chaz believes that this could be his golden ticket to the UFC, but doesn’t mind taking out Tyler first if he has to wait.

“There’s a good possibility the UFC will offer me another fight after this one.
(I was injured the last one they offered) But I’d really like to settle that beef with king first and get another good training camp in first. But when they come calling you kinda gotta go. So who knows. Only God knows the answer to that. It will all work out in his perfect timing.”

Morgan has 8 wins and 7 are by knockout, and he believes another Ko is to come by his hands Saturday night.

“I see the fight ending In Ko or Tko. I’m gonna hit him on the chin and he’s gonna go to sleep for a short time. Then we can be friends after . That’s how I roll, I’m a Knock out artist. Think of me kind of like an anesthesiologist. I put people to sleep.”

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