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Xplode Fight Series Amateur Spotlight: Spike Carlyle


Serving as a platform for amateur fighters in showcasing their talents in the 619 MMA fight scene, “Xplode Amateur Fight Series” features a line-up of promising young fight talent chasing the dream of being recognized as the best in MMA.

One these hungry contenders is amateur lightweight contender Spike “The Alpha Ginger” Carlyle. Carlyle is a full-blooded competitor who loves to fight. Striving to become the best, winning has always been the main objective at anything Carlyle puts his mind. This outlook has helped in his growth from his days as a wrestler to his current role as a mixed martial arts fighter.

“I started wrestling when I was 12 and stopped after sophomore year, “Carlyle said. I then picked up Jiu -Jitsu right before I turned 17 and boxing/kickboxing soon after. Martial arts in general have helped change me from a punk kid getting into street fights and thinking I was the baddest dude into a way more humble, appreciative person.”

Influenced by personal growth and the love for fighting, martial arts has given great meaning to “The Alpha Ginger’s” journey as it has lead him to capturing many achievements in wrestling, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Making the transition to mixed martial arts fighting, Carlyle didn’t miss a beat. His victories and defeats have revealed a fighter constantly improving and evolving with a current fight record of 2-3.

“I have won numerous tournaments in wrestling, Jiu-jitsu, and judo. I am a 2x National Jiu-Jitsu champion as well Judo national champion.” My record is 2-3 in MMA now. “All my losses were close decisions and I feel as if I did more damage and was closer to finishing the fight then my opponent was,” Carlyle proclaimed.

Looking to showcase his full potential, Spike Carlyle will be featured in a must-see XFS headline fight card on March 21 as he squares off in a rematch against Geoff Ross for the vacant Xplode Fight Series amateur lightweight title.

These two competitors have a long history in the XFS. Losing by split decision to Ross back at the January 17th XFS event, the controversial loss has been a great motivation for Carlyle heading into this fight. Training out of International Self Defense MMA in Poway, California under Nick Mechling, his five to six days a week training routine aids Carlyle in becoming physically and mentally prepared for the battle ahead in hopes of walking out with the title.

“My downfall in my last encounter with Geoff Ross was taking the fight on short notice and losing 11% of my bodyweight in 11 days and fighting the next day. Needless to say I did not perform to the best of my abilities at all.”

“That is why this upcoming fight is very important to me. It is local so a lot of my family and friends will be coming out to support me. I think people will just see a little bit more of my potential. I know what I’m capable of and have never fully exposed all my talents/potential.”

Setting up the groundwork for a promising future, Spike Carlyle has the attitude, dedication and skills it takes to become a part of the top 5 elite competitors of MMA in his weight class.

The capturing of the lightweight amateur title is just a small piece of the pie as it paves the way for Carlyle to push to achieve more aspired goals and use his skills to inspire others to follow their dreams of obtaining greatness.

“I would like to get my black belt in BJJ, black belt in Judo, and open my own dojo one day. As for MMA I will be in the top 5 of my weight class and retire young/early.”

Spike Carlyle Special Thanks: Thank God first and foremost. My family, friends, Senseis and training partners. My sponsors Carlyle Capital Management, Kris Nielsen Painting, Results Chiropractic and Golden Touch Therapy.