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WWE SmackDown Preview: What Does the Authority Have Planned for Revenge?

(Triple H and Corporate Kane, photo via wwe.com)

With only 10 days left till WrestleMania, tonight’s WWE SmackDown should tie together many of the loose ends. Between an intercontinental ladder contender match and the heat surrounding the tag team titles, expect an unforgettable episode. The following preview is provided by wwe.com

Who will Survive the Contenders’ Intercontinental Gauntlet Match?

(Bad News Barrett makes an appearance on Raw)

Tonight on SmackDown, the Intercontinental Contenders’ Gauntlet Match goes down. All six of Bad News Barrett’s No. 1 contenders are scheduled to be part of the show with two superstars kicking off the contest. With one losing, another competitor will take his place until only one wrestler stands victorious. Will Bad News Barret have any influence on the outcome of the contest?

Roman Reigns Will Kick Off SmackDown

(Royal Rumble favorite Roman Reigns)

With Reigns vs. Lesnar set for WrestleMania, The Big Dog continues to intimidate by knocking everyone out of his way. Roman Reigns is in the hot seat to kick off tonight’s SmackDown. After Spearing Mark Henry through the ringside barrier one week ago and addressing Lesnar on Raw, what will the title challenger powerhouse do next on SmackDown?

Can the Authority Stop Randy Orton and Sting?

(Sting, photo via WWE.com)
(Sting, photo via WWE.com)

After accepting Randy Orton’s challenge for a WrestleMania match on Raw, Seth Rollins and the Authority nearly demolished the Viper. However, thanks to a last minute appearance, Sting saved the day. Does Rollins have another plan of attack for the “Future of the WWE?” Does tha authority have a sneak attack of their own planned for Randy Orton on SmackDown?

Which Divas Team will Prevail?

(AJ Lee)

Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her sister Brie will battle AJ Lee & Paige at WreslteMania. Some are backing The Bella Twins and others are choosing to put their support behind one of the most unpredictable femme fatales of the WWE. With Monday’s match between Nikki and AJ only serving to increase the intensity, Brie and Paige will square off tonight on SmackDown.

Which Tag Team Will Step Up?

(Photo via wrestling.co)
(Photo via wrestling.co)

Ten days remain until WrestleMania 31. With so many combinations clamoring for a chance at Cesaro & Tyson Kidd’s titles, who will end up being their No. 1 contenders at The Showcase of the Immortals? Expect an all out battle for the team title contention spot tonight on SmackDown.

Tune in to Syfy tonight to see SmackDown on the road to WrestleMania.