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WWE Raw Preview: Will Wyatt Summon the Undertaker?

(Bray Wyatt, photo via lockerdome.com)

What do the creative minds behind the WWE universe have in store on the road to the Show of Shows? We review the loose ends yet to be tied before the largest event of the year.

What Does Bray Wyatt Have In Store for the Undertaker?

“Rise deadman” is Wyatt’s call for the Undertaker. Eager for a response from the legend, Wyatt has called time and time again for a WrestleMania clash with the Deadman. In possession of a familiar urn, Wyatt vowed on SmackDown to “unleash his spirit” on Raw. The urn has long been regarded as a source of the Undertaker’s power, so he may have no other choice but to confront the Eater of Worlds.

Will Rusev accept Curtis Axel’s challenge?

(Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler, photo via youtube.com)

The choice remains up to The Super Athlete after Curtis Axel called out the United States Champion. If Rusev accepts, the “Better-Than-Perfect” Superstar will have two opportunities at Wrestle Mania including the Battle Royal.

Will John Cena get a WrestleMania match?

Photo courtesy John Cena WWE Universe Facebook Page.

John Cena has been denied a WrestleMania rematch with Rusev twice in the lead up to the show of shows. Now, the Authority has denied him a match of his choosing, even stopping the idea of his entry into the Battle Royal. Will John Cena be able to change the Super Athlete’s mind in time for WrestleMania?

Do The Bella Twins fear AJ Lee and Paige?

(AJ Lee)

Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her sister Brie have dominated the Divas division since November, when the team robbed AJ Lee of her Divas Title at Survivor Series. Now, AJ is back, standing with longtime “frenemy” Paige against The Bella Twins. The partnership has already reaped success, with Paige keeping Nikki at bay as AJ scored a submission victory over Brie on SmackDown. Now that two have joined forces, are Nikki & Brie afraid these adversaries?

How will Triple H assert his control over WWE?

(Triple H, WWE COO)

Sensing that Champion Booker T might be a Sting supporter, WWE COO Triple H mercilessly fired the WWE Hall of Fame announcer. As Booker collected his belongings at ringside and took a painful final walk to the entrance ramp, Triple H revealed that it was all a stunt to prove the point of his power. This kind of maneuver begs the question of who the COO has in his sights next for another power game.

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