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Reflex Strike Technology: The Next Generation of Combat Sport Training


Sports Science serves as a branch of knowledge that examines the various stimuli of athlete’s physical and mental capabilities. How does one react to exercises, train different, or even deal with new environment settings? This is all a part of the ongoing study to find solutions to further enhance one’s performance and skills set.

Mixed martial arts carries so many variables that a fighter has to contend with. It is how one prepares for a fight that will be the determining factor of assuring victory. Over the years, there has been a variety of enhancements in training equipment, technical instruction, conditioning strategies and other resources that have assisted fighters in their evolution. However, it doesn’t stop there. As we speak, experts are working endlessly to create new inventions to meet individual needs.

Knocking down more limitation performance barriers is “Reflex Strike Technology.” Applying a realistic innovative approach for boxing/kickboxing sessions, Reflex Strike Technology’s training techniques and equipment is scientifically developed with the consultation of trainers and sports scientists to ensure the quality in building athletes of the future.

With the use of advanced focus mitts and kick pads, RST aids in the acceleration of striking reflexes as opposed to your everyday focus mitts. Creator Jermaine Simpkins discovered that reflexes used in focus mitts can get repetitious to a point where a fighter becomes programmed to oblige to verbal command of a variety of punch, jab and kick combinations.

These subsequently will also causes a delay in striking time. Unfortunately in a real fight, the opponent will not be that supportive as he will not tell the opposition the right time to take him down.

Tackling this dilemma, RST’s focus mitts’ activated light and digital timer attachment not only assist with fighter’s striking reaction time but also creates new options for trainers with their teaching strategies, helping fighters get ready to compete.

“There’s no reason not have reflex strike technology incorporated in your mitts. This product offers the ability to truly train reflexes. You can still use them as normal mitts so we are not looking to change what has worked for many years. This allows a trainer to be more spontaneous in his orders thus making the fighter more alert and ready to throw from either limb at the speed of light.”

“I studied how reflexes work with the anatomy of the human body and discovered that reflexes are trained neurologically by training the nerves sending signals to and from the brain at ones threshold, “Simpkins said. There is a form of stimulation and you respond to it as fast as you can, eventually you will be able to respond faster over time. In fighting you want to maximize what you have and be the best you can be with the tools given to you. If a fighter becomes one tenth of a second faster, he becomes a better fighter.”

Not steering away from the traditional format, RST confirms what is already proven efficient with its incorporation of technology for maximizing human body functions. Reflex Strike Technology has already gained worldwide attention for their service to the fight community. UFC President Dana White and Roger Mayweather have all approved of the training gear. RST has also been featured on the hit show “All American Makers,” which made a great showing in route to acquiring investors to manufacture the product.

“The product has the potential to evolve fighting sports forever and even bring in the casual enthusiasts to practice it as well. People are having more fun hitting these mitts which has made fighting sports training more popular.”

Striving for a prospering change, it is imperative that we keep evolving or else we will remain stagnant, further pulling ourselves deeper into unanswered questions to understand combat sport science theories.

With breakthrough products presented by Reflex Strike Technology, it further pushes the envelope in athletic performance. Already making a statement, Simpkins and RST are changing the face of training as we know it, thus becoming the leading force in the next generation of combat sport training.

“I am looking forward to making an impact in the fighting world. With some of the top trainers in fighting waiting for production to complete I am confident that with their continued approval, others will trust the benefits that Reflex Strike Technology brings.”