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Former Bellator Fighter Strikes Gold at WFC 35


A quick night of fights at the Belle of Baton Rouge for the 35th installment of the World Fighting Championships. Only one contest made it the distance but excitement was displayed throughout.

In the first pro fight highly touted Amateur Trent Meaux (1-0) made his anticipated professional debut and did not disappoint. He faced off with Landon Ackel (1-3) in a bantamweight tilt. Both began the fight swinging recklessly for the fences, Ackel then pulls guard but Trent gained control by utilizing a seldom seen reverse crucifix. From that position Meaux began landing wicked elbows which forced Ackel to “say uncle” and verbally submit at the 2:34 mark of round 1.

Next up was a battle of former undefeated lightweights in James Montano (2-1) and Zach Fears (3-0). They both exchanged a variety of strikes early from straight jabs to the body and leg kicks. James actually dropped Zach for a brief moment but Fears immediately regained his footing and then entered Montano’s guard. There he moved James closer to the cage wall and stacked him up where he landed ungodly amounts of brutal elbows until the referee called a halt to the contest and declared Zach the victor at 4:05 of round 1.

Then the co-main event featured Josh Davila (4-2) taking on Gage Duhon (4-1) in a lightweight tilt. Gage came out absolutely ferocious with his strikes early and tried to sink a quick guillotine choke on Davila. Josh popped out but Duhon jumped on the attack again throwing barrages of hooks, thai knees and uppercuts to the body of Josh. Josh refused to give ground and allowed Gage to continue. Davila then took Duhon down and gained his back almost instantly where he scored some hard ground and pound to end the first stanza.

Round 2 comes around and Gage looks visually gassed and Josh slips and counters most of Gages strikes. Davila easily takes Duhon down and lands more ground and pound. Josh gets into side control and starts raining mean elbows. Davila transitions into somewhat of an inverted crucifix and batters Duhon’s head, Josh then goes for a quick arm-bar but the round ends.

The final round saw both combatants weathered but Josh went back to his bread and butter and took Gage down with ease. He took Duhon’s back and flattened him out while landing blows to the side of his head. During all this a fight breaks out in the crowd but even that didn’t detour Davila’s focus and he cruised through the round and won the fight via unanimous decision.

The main event was for the first ever WFC Bantamweight Title featuring former UFC fighter Aaron Phillips (5-3) taking on former Bellator veteran Chris Gutierrez (7-1-1). Chris started with a hard leg kick (which would become a trend) and Aaron answered with a guillotine attempt. Chris gets out and scored a takedown that Aaron reversed and they both stood up once more. Chris landed another hard leg kick that dropped Aaron who quickly got back up and sidestepped a head kick that made Chris lose his balance. Phillips strolled into Gutierreze’s guard and peppered his sides with right hands to end the round.

Round 2 Chris went right back to work on Aaron’s lead leg and kicked him quick to drop him again. Phillips gets up only to be met with a hard 1-2 combo to his face and another leg kick to send him to the mat. Chris entered side control for a brief period and then they both stood up. Gutierrez kicked Phillp’s leg over and over and dropped him over and over until the round ended.

Round 3 Gutierrez playing the shark knew that his prey, the legs of Phillips were weak and he pounced. Aaron desperately tried a takedown but was reversed and Chris took control once more. After landing some hard elbows, Gutierrez got up and beckoned Phillips to his feet. Chris now lands another hard leg kick that drops Aaron and after he got back up he changed his stance. However this didn’t help either as Chris started destroying that one as well. It got to a point where Chris could virtually do anything he wanted on his feet and began toying with Aaron and the antics continued until round 3 ended.

That would prove to be the final round as Aaron couldn’t answer the bell for round 4 to commence. Chris Gutierrez wins by TKO (Retirement) of round 4 and became the inaugural WFC Bantamweight Champion.