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Seth Rollins Issues Raw Challenge to Jon Stewart


The war of words continues between “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins and Daily Show host Jon Stewart. Last Monday night Raw, the authority’s poster boy incited the beef. Gloating that he was “the most talented performer in the entire world” Seth Rollins claimed that he could do anything he wanted as “the most valuable asset in the entire WWE.” He stated the following on Raw to kick off their confrontation.

“Hell if I wanted, I could become president. I’m not even old enough to run for office. So I could uh, take over as host of the Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.”

Jon Stewart didn’t take kindly to the Authority member’s statements, addressing the insults with a response on youtube.

During the broadcast of the Daily Show’s closing bit of “The Moment of Zen,” Seth Rollins interrupted to call out the Emmy Award-winning talk show host. Just as Stewart seemed content to fire back, Seth Rollins turned out to make an on-show appearance.

Turns out, “Mr. Money in the Bank” accepted Jon Stewart’s offer to meet face-to-face after all. Clearly not content to wait for another reply from the Daily Show host, Rollins took this escalating battle right to Stewart’s doorstep. But the real surprise was still to come in the form of the “Future of WWE’s” shocking invitation. “How about you show up, this Monday night on Raw?” Rollins said, hurling down the gauntlet at the famed talk show host’s feet.

Do you think Jon Stewart will actually show up to make good on his acceptance of Rollins challenge? Will Stewart be able to make a competitive showing against “Mr. Money in the Bank” and the rest of the Authority’s ranks?