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Tyrone Spong Negotiating March Boxing Debut

(Tyrone Spong)

“The King of the Ring” Tyrone Spong (91-6-0) is one of Glory’s most successful light heavyweight fighters. Knocking out greats Remy Bonjasky and Nathan Corbett, the kickboxer has won the 2013 Glory 95 kg Slam Tournament and was the 2014 Light Heavyweight World Champion Tournament runner up. Last year, Tyrone Spong suffered a broken leg in Glory 15 when Gokhan Saki checked his leg kick, an injury identical to the one suffered by Anderson Silva. After almost a year of recovery, Tyrone Spong is looking to make a debut return in the sweet science.

(Tyrone Spong in training)

Promoter Erol Ceylan of EC Boxing states: “We’re not planning to put him against some pushover.” EC Boxing reports that potential opponents for Spong may be Alexander Ustinov and Ozcan Cetinkaya.

Tyrone Spong has expanded his competitive outlets into MMA with two World Series of Fighting bouts between 2012-2013, defeating Travis Bartlett by KO and Angel DeAnda by unanimous decision. Clearly, Spong is more than willing to expand his horizons when it comes to professional competition. As he told Sherdog in 2013,

“I can adjust. I think that’s one of my strongest spots. I don’t see any problems,” said Spong. “I’m going to make it even more difficult for myself because I’m probably going to fight some professional boxing fights this year too. That’s me.”

(Tyrone Spong thorws a right cross)

It’s a wise career move for Tyrone Spong to expand into multiple outlets of competition. For the interim, it seems even wiser to take a fight that will not put contact pressure on his healing leg. The event will be shown on Europsport in Europe and there is no official broadcast planned for U.S. Television. As of now, there is news about when Spong will return to kickboxing.

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