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Liam McGeary Spearheads Bellator’s British Invasion

(Liam McGeary defeats Egidijus Valavicius)

Liam McGeary (9-0) challenges Emanuel Newton (25-7-1) for the Bellator light heavyweight championship this Friday at Bellator 134. The undefeated Brit has run through the Bellator ranks, racking up 6 consecutive 1st round finishes in the promotion. We sit down with the main event contender to ask how he’s preparing for the top fight of the night.

Scifighting: How’s training camp coming along?

McGeary: Training camp is awesome man, now it comes to an end and I can’t wait to get into the fight.

SF: What fighters do you look up to for inspiration?

McGeary: My dad was a fighter, so that was about it. I just like to fight man and I don’t like gettin in trouble for it so this is definitely the safest option. So I get to do my hobby, not get in trouble for it, get paid and the fact that I’m on TV is just a bonus really.

SF: What is it like to have your father at the fights?

McGeary: This is the first time he’s been over here for a fight. I have my cornermen coming with me and my training partners but my dad’s coming over so it’s like man, this is a surprise. It’s great having your dad behind you.

(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)
(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)

SF: When do you think we’ll see an American Invasion card?

McGeary:  I’d love to fight in the U.K. Having an American Invasion event in the U.K. would be awesome. It’d be great to have that but we’re just gonna do the British invasion first so we’ll get that one out of the way with.

SF: How close were you to breaking Kelly Anundson’s arm in your last fight?

McGeary: I should have broke his arm. The first time I pulled the arm he screamed and in training if your partner squeals or something you stop, it’s just an instinct to let go. I was kind of in that mode and then after I let go I was like, what the f*** did I do that for? I looked at the referee because he should have stopped it. He didn’t, we carried on and I got the arm again. I wasn’t actually trying to submit him with that Kimura, that wasn’t the submission, I was just trying to hurt him and get him to move. I was setting things up, I knew exactly what I was doin underneath there you know? I should have broke his f****** arm. I know I won’t be making the same mistake again. If somebody doesn’t tap then it’s snappin.

(Liam McGeary uses a Kimora from side control on Kelly Anundson)

SF: What did Renzo Gracie say to you after finished with that crazy inverted triangle?

McGeary: He was really happy, Braulio Estima was happy– that’s his trademark inverted triangle. Everyone was just happy, he called me a monster and that’s of course what we train to be.

SF: What is your game plan going up against Emanuel Newton’s unpredictable style?

McGeary: Just going to be aware of everything. I can’t lack concentration, can’t take my eye off the prize. I have to constantly be aware of what he’s going to be doing.

SF: What’s it been like on the Bellator press conference tours in the U.K.?

McGeary:  They love it! The show was great to put on, really good. It was a very good production.

SF: Who else do you like in the light heavyweight Bellator talent pool?

McGeary: It doesn’t matter who I face man. Whoever’s next, line em’ up.

(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)
(Photo Courtesy of Bellator.com)

SF: How are you liking your recent Cryotherapy sessions?

McGeary: I’ve literally just come from the freezer now. It’s really working, really recovers your body fast. Any inflammation, any soreness, anything you got from training straight away. It’s three minutes. Today it was -164 degrees Celsius, -265 Fahrenheit. These fighters all have these crazy things that they do and this is mine.

SF: Anything else you’d like to include for our readers?

McGeary: Thanks to my sponsors Future legend, Tako Apparel, Jersey Pump, Azad Watches, Draft Ops, Enerskin Attack poker, Cryolife therapy and Gamma Labs for keeping a war man in his efforts.

See Liam McGeary take on Emanuel Netwon at Bellator 134 Friday on Spike at 9/8C.

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