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UFC Fight Night 61: Mir KO’s “Bigfoot” in the First

(Frank Mir celebrates victory over Rodrigo Nogueira)

UFC Fight Night 61 kicks off live from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Headlined by heavyweights Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva vs. Frank Mir and Edson Barboza vs. Michael Johnson, here are the full results and breakdown of UFC Fight Night 61.

UFC Fight Night 61 Main Card

Frank Mir def. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva via KO (Elbows)- R1

Mir worked with the jab and had good movement to stay out of Silva’s reach. Silva kept Mir at a distance with a constant teep kick. But with a quick jab to left hook, Mir dropped “Bigfoot” and followed up with elbow strikes and punches for the win.

Michael Johnson def. Edson Barboza via Unanimous Decision

Michael Johnson pushed a relentless pace on Edson Barboza that never let up in three rounds. Barboza was able to constantly land kicks to the body of Johnson, but Johnson was able to land many more power punches to Barboza. Controlling the center of the octagon, Johnson was consistently putting pressure on Barboza, who looked like he could never quite settle into his technical rhythm.

The majority of the fight was a hard standing battle, but Johnson was able to take Barboza down once in the second round and at the end of the third with 20 seconds left. Barboza took a lot of damage, but remained competitive with very calculated shots. However, they could not add up to defeat Johnson, who had a fantastic 15 minutes.

Sam Alvey def. Cezar Ferreira via KO (Punches and Elbows)-R1

In the southpaw vs. southpaw matchup, Ferreiera tried to start things off with a capoeira head kick, but missed. Ferreiera tried the capoeira high kick again, but Alvey was ready for it again. Just when it looked like Alvey didn’t have any game plan at all, he countered a left straight with a 1-2 to drop Ferreira. Following up with 2 ground strikes, Alvey immediately earned the win.

Adriano Martins def. Rustam Khabilov via Split Decision.

Both fighters were very hesitant to engage throughout all three rounds. The submission battles on the ground were the most exciting component of the fight, in which Martins tried unsuccessfully to get Kimura submissions. Into the second round, it appeared that Khabilov took a slight edge in aggressive control of the octagon and striking. However, Martins most likely took the decision for multiple takedowns in the 3rd round. Martins walks away with the split decision win.

Frankie Saenz def. Iuri Alcantara via Unanimous Decision.

Saenz was incredibly competitive with the veteran Alcantara. This fight went absolutely everywhere from the clinch on the cage to a close battle on the ground. Alcantara utilized his range advantage to land hard head kicks and hooks to Saenz, who looked indestructible.

Alcantara tried his trickiest work against Saenz to get a submission win, but Saenz was able to stay out of trouble of a heel hook attempt and armbar attempt. Saenz control in a hard-fought ground battle most likely earned him the decision win by all three judges.

Santiago Ponzinibbio def. Sean Strickland via Unanimous Decision

This was a great fight to kick off the main card. Ponzinibbio is a super aggressive striker against Sean strickland’s precise and technical punching. Ponzinibbio had some reall had head kicks land, but Strickland stuck out the fight. Multiple takedown attempts by Strickland were stopped by Ponzinibbio. Ponzinibbio landed some really hard head kicks and hooks, very surprising that this fight wasn’t finished before the 3rd round.

This welterweight bout was definitely a performance of the night contender. The judges must have thought much more of Ponzinibbio’s aggressive striking. You can’t count out his significant strikes, but Strickland surprisingly didn’t get scored the winner of a single round by the judges.

UFC Fight Night 61 Preliminary Card

Ivan Jorge def. Josh Shockley via unanimous decision

Jorge nearly had an arm triangle finish the first round, but Shockley was able to escape out of trouble. Shockley was mostly content to counterstrike in the standing component of the fight, constantly vying for Thai clinch control. Jorge was the more aggressive fighter throughout all three rounds. Coupled with a third round takedown, that most likely edged the unanimous win for Jorge.

Marion Reneau def. Jessica Andrade via Submission (Triangle)- R1

Reneau clinched early to try to stop Andrade’s aggressive striking. Andrade took Reneau to the ground after the clinch and started weighing down heavy with ground and pound. Reneau capitalized on the opportunity in guard and slapped on the triangle while attacking with elbow strikes. Andrade could not win the battle in guard and had to tap to the triangle choke.

Matt Dwyer def. William “Patolino” Macario via KO (Superman Punch)- R1

Dwyer had inhibiting reach for “Patolino” at 6’4”. Dwyer kept Macario at distance with long-reaching front kicks and hooks. Dwyer got Macario to step forward at the perfect moment as he set up a lazer. The superman punch from Dwyer closed the fight in the first for a KO victory.

Mike de la Torre def. Tiago Trator via TKO (Punches)- R1

De la Torre Got some strong hooks in before Trator clinched him against the cage. De la Torre seemed to have a strong reach advantage, able to land strong hooks. De la Torre was able to break out of Trator’s clinch and land a left hook for a knockdown and follow up with ground strikes for the TKO.

Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Cody Gibson via Unanimous Decision

Both bantamweights were extremely competitive in the striking component of the fight. Silva de Andrade was able to constantly stop Gibson’s takedown attempts and reverse for dominant position. Silva de Andrade most likely got the nod for scoring a knockdown hook and landing more significant strikes.