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Bill Goldberg in Talks for Glory Fight

(Goldberg on the set of NBC's Apprentice)

Wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg Goldberg is one of WCW and WWE’s most successful wrestlers and martial arts fanatic. He has served as the color commentator for World Fighting Alliance and Elite XC in the past. On the latest episode of his “Who’s Next?” podast with guest “King Mo” Lawal, Goldberg talked about his Muay Thai training and potential desire to compete in Glory.

(Bill Goldberg, WWE star and actor)

“I put a tweet out saying ‘everybody watching GLORY tonight?’ and GLORY retweeted it and they said ‘We didn’t know you were a fan’. And I said ‘yeah I am such a fan I am training with two pros tomorrow morning’, and I mentioned who they were. And they came back and said ‘hey if we offered you a contract would you consider it?’ And I was like ‘Rueben, this is exactly what social media does!’ You want to reach out and touch people and affect people? You can do it instantly!

“Its an honor for them to even consider me for [GLORY] and I am seriously considering it. I don’t have anything to lose, I don’t have anything to prove. I just like being competitive, training three or four days a week. It’s fun man, I really want to do it, the point is, who do I do it with? So we will see man.”

King Mo encouraged Goldberg to take a shot in the organization,

“I think you should pursue it. The hardest thing I have ever encountered is kickboxing and Muay Thai. Especially when you have a ‘give some, take some’ style like you… the fact you are training with pros shows you got some nuts because that stuff is tough… the fact you are doing it, you got 110% respect from me,” he said.


At 48 years of age, Goldberg has done it all: acting, wrestling, ringside commentary, professional football, podcasting…you name it. The UFC and Bellator haven’t been afraid to include former professional wrestlers in their lineup, so why should Glory be any different if Goldberg can make the cut? Who do you think would make a good opponent for Goldberg in the Glory Roster?

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