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Smackdown Results: Reigns and Bryan Survive Tag Team Turmoil

(Royal Rumble favorite Roman Reigns)

Thursday Night Smackdown kicked off with another surprise move from the Authority, going old school with a WWE Tag Team Turmoil Match (a concept borrowed from WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson). As one might expect, Corporate Kane pinned Roman Reigns with Daniel Bryan as his in-ring compadre. We review the results of the night.

Bray Wyatt def. R-Truth

“The Eater of Worlds” claimed R-Truth for his latest victim. Taking down his opponent with a devastating clothesline, Wyatt Spider Walked his way to a Sister Abigail to yet another victory.

Paige def. Summer Rae

Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her sister Brie joined the announcing team, talking the biggest smack on Smackdown. Will the two-time Divas Champion be able to overcome Nikki and Twin Magic at WWE Fastlane?

Fandango def. Adam Rose

After a couple “mishaps” with his Rosebuds in recent weeks, Adam Rose went toe-to-toe with Fandango. In the final moments of the match, the dancing Superstar used his signature Leg Drop off the top rope to overcome WWE’s party king. Rose once again took out his anger on his Rosebuds at the match’s conclusion. 

Reigns & Bryan def.The Miz and Damien Mizdow in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

(Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on WWE Smackdown)

After being speared by Roman Reigns on Raw, Daniel Bryan teamed with The Big Dog in a rare Tag Team Turmoil Match. The Miz & Damien Mizdow were the first opponents selected for the less than cordial duo. The friction between Reigns and Bryan became apparent from the opening bell. Reigns tagged himself in to deliver the Superman Punch, but The Beard returned the favor by tagging himself back in and hitting the Running Knee on Miz to score the first win of the epic battle.

Reigns & Bryan def.The Usos in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

(Roman Reigns)

The second opponents for the duo were the WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. Reigns was, to say the least, not pleased to find himself in a match against his cousins. However, Reigns and Bryan made everything they could of the second match to one-up one another. When Bryan engaged in an onslaught with Usos outside the ring, Reigns pulled him off, an action that ignited a shouting match between the Fastlane opponents.

The inner conflict continued for Reigns when, moments later, he prevented The Usos from getting the pin on Bryan. This action lit the fuse on more chaos that included Usos’ aerial assaults over the top rope, Superman Punches, Flying Goats, Samoan Super Kicks and finally Bryan’s “Yes!” Lock for the win. When Bryan didn’t let the lock go right away, Reigns again broke it up and added more fuel to the Fastlane fire.

Reigns & Bryan def. Los Matadores in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

(Daniel Bryan, 2015 Royal Rumble Contestant)

Bryan took on the masked duo single-handedly to not let Reigns take away any of his thunder. Bryan executed an awesome maneuver off the top rope that paved the way for another “Yes!” Lock victory. 

Reigns & Bryan def. Titus O’Neil & Heath Slater in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

(Roman Reigns throws a superman punch on WWE Smackdown, photo via wwe.com)

Reigns wouldn’t be outshined this time. He tagged himself in for the next contest and waged a one-man war against Titus O’Neil & Heath Slater. Reigns advanced the duo with a superman punch and spear. 

Reigns & Bryan def. The Ascension in a Tag Team Turmoil Match by Disqualification

(The Ascension, photo: WWE.com)
(The Ascension, photo: WWE.com)

When The Ascension emerged as their next opponents, the WWE Fastlane adversaries showed signs of working as a team. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t stop them from suffering a vicious beating by their up-and-coming opponents — whose excessive force ultimately got them disqualified. Nevertheless, the damage had been done.

Reigns & Bryan def. Big Show & Kane in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

Kane-vs.-Daniel Bryan
(Kane vs. Daniel Bryan)

The major friction of earlier matches did not appear to be between the battered Bryan & Reigns, but between Big Show & Kane. This became apparent after The World’s Largest Athlete thought his demonic partner had thrown Bryan into him. Things only got worse as the match carried on, with a frustrated Kane accusing the giant of wasting time in the matchup. Forced tags and screaming continued between them, but when Kane spun his gigantic partner around, Big Show hit him with the KO Punch. Reigns then Speared the giant and Bryan finished him off with the Running Knee.

In the end, Reigns helped Bryan to his feet and the two left the battle on even ground…for now.