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Gleison Tibau Responds to Steroid Allegations

Gleison Tibau
Gleison Tibau. Photo via MMASpace.net

UFC veteran Gleision Tibau has broken his silence regarding the allegations by World Series of Fighting competitor Andrew McInnes that he uses performance enhancing drugs

Tibau released a statement to MMAJunkie eariler this week maintaining his innocence. You can read his entire statement below:

 “I am totally against any (illegal) factor that benefits athletes in their income. In my view, only skills and training should have an influence on the final outcome of a fight. Honestly, I don’t know him (McInnes), neither personally nor professionally. I’ve never seen him fighting, nor have I heard about his fights. In all my life as a fighter, I’ve more anti-doping tests at UFC than the number of professional fights he’s got. I have 15 years in my career, and my name is in the history of the biggest MMA organization in the world as one of the fighters that has fought most in the octagon – 24 fights. I have a total of 43 professional fights, and in none of them I was caught for doping or was I overweight in my division. For all of this, I really feel sorry for Mclnnes pronouncement or for anyone else that says that I do something illegal in sport or in life. Anyways, I wish him success.”

McInnes initially stirred the pot regarding Tibau while speaking to BloodyElbow.com. “He’s been in the UFC for a long time, and he’s a clear cut juicer,” McInnes said. “I guarantee you, his piss glows in the dark. I’ve been around every gym on this earth, and he’s 100% a juicer. The only person I can say 100% doesn’t juice is Mitch Clark. I’m sure there are others, but it’s very few.”

Tibau is currently scheduled to face Ultimate Fighter winner Tony Ferguson later this month at UFC 184. The bout will be Tibau’s 25th in the UFC, a record among all UFC Lightweights. McInnes most recently competed at World Series of Fighting 18 where he defeated Cody McKenzie via first round disqualification.