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Glory 20 Preview: Gabriel Varga vs. Mosab Amrani

(Gabriel Varga throws a spinning backfist at Shane Oblonsky)

Gabriel Varga (25-2-0, 8 KO’s) and Mosab Amrani (52-8-4, 15 KO’s) battle for the only remaining vacant title in Glory. We looked at the top featherweights of the promotion months ago and to determine who we thought would rise to the occasion for the title. Now with the promotion selecting two top featherweights, we break down their fighting styles and determine possible scenarios for Glory 20:Dubai.

Mosab Amrani

(Mosab Amrani (left) vs Yuta Kubo (right), photo via gloryworldseries.com)

Amrani is one of Europe’s most decorated fighters at featherweight. He utilizes a classic Dutch Muay Thai fighting style, going 4-1 in his last 5 fights. He most recently defeated Lim Chi-Bin by unanimous decision at Qabala Fight Series in June of last year. Amrani is an exciting fighter to watch because of his aggression and explosive striking. One of his most impressive wins came over multiple time Muay Thai world champion Liam Harrison at Glory 5.

Amrani is extremely aggressive, but very calculated in this huge body shot knockout win. Pushing Harrison back to the ropes, he attacked with constant leg kicks to set up hard punching combinations. Watch out for his right hook to left body shot combo.

Gabriel Varga

(Gabriel Varga (left) head kicks Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai)

Gabriel Varga has strong skills as a Shotokan Karate practitioner as well as Muay Thai expert. He is a multiple IKSA championship winner as well as the winner of Glory 17’s featherweight contender tournament. He fights a very precise game and picks his shots wisely, technically setting up punching combinations. He’s also able to land surprising upkicks to the head with lightning fast speed. In addition, he likes to catch opponents off guard with spinning back fists and back kicks if they’re expecting a combination setup. Check out his last fight in the Glory 17 tournament with Shane Oblonsky to see his technical ability and fighting will in a 3-round battle.

Glory 20

Expect Mosab Amrani to push the pace hard on Gabriel Varga. In Amrani’s characteristic agression, he has to be on his game and prepared for Varga’s ability throw quick upkicks and change up the pace with spinning strikes. Tune in to Glory 20 on Spike TV on April 3rd at 9/8C to see the first fighter crowned champion in the division.

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