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WWE’s Seth Rollins Wants Match With Triple H


“Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins may have delivered the performance of his career at last weekend’s Royal Rumble. He competed in a triple threat match for the WWE world heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar and John Cena. Although he didn’t steal the title from Lesnar, he definitely stole the show. This week on the ‘Gorilla Position’ podcast Seth talked about 3 key things in his career, the COO of the WWE, Triple H, the WWE performance center and his past in Ring of Honor.

On Triple H:

“I wouldn’t mind having a match with Triple H some day, a singles match. I know that’s interesting considering our current affiliation, but there doesn’t always have to be an element of hate involved there – it could be a competitive match. He’s someone who is a measuring stick, he’s done a lot for me specifically and I’d just like to test the water at some point. I think it would be a really interesting match up. For me, he’s been an incredible mentor. You really can’t ask for a better mentor than The Game himself. If you look at what he’s done in our industry over the last 20 years and his position in the company, It is incredible. He thinks about things so differently too. You may not think that about him – a lot of people may think he’s very vanilla or cut and dry – but man, he thinks about things so differently and he absolutely loves WWE. Just loves it, it is his passion. He’s built for the role he’s in now. It’s an exciting time.”

On the Performance Center:

“It is an amazing set up and certainly an accelerated system for guys who have never, ever learnt a thing about wrestling in their life. It will pay dividends going forward but to me there’s no replacement for having passion, heart and desire and just working your way from the bottom up. There are so many guys to learn from, so many styles. Guys who are well-travelled made millions and millions of dollars, everything there is to know about professional wrestling. If you can’t learn from them in everything, how to cut promos, how to be a character, how to wrestle inide the rings, the ins and outs… And on top of that, you’re getting paid to train! I had to pay to train, working odd jobs… If you’re getting paid to live in sunny Florida and train under the greatest minds of our era and you can’t succeed, you’re just not built for this. Get out of here, do something else because you’re not cut out for this.”

On Ring of Honor:

“They’re a niche product that caters to a different kind of wrestling fan, a hardcore, underground type of fan. But they do such a great job bringing in the best talent on the independent level, because you have no choice but to get better. And if you don’t get better, you’re just going to get shoved back down. So, it is one of those things where if you want to get better and you want to learn, you want to grow as a professional, Ring of Honor is the place to be. I learned so much there in three years, I would never take that back. Even if you said, ‘Let’s go back in time, we can sign you to WWE today and you can skip this Ring of Honor nonsense,’ I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.”


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