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Mike Tyson Interviews Glory’s Headline Heavyweights


Boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson has made himself a big contributing part of the Glory 19 action. Mike Tyson will be a part of the Glory Broadcast team, bringing the fights to life with the ringside commentary. In the meantime, he has been working on the promotional side of Glory 19, interviewing the headline fighters  swinging for Glory Heavyweight gold.

Rico Verhoeven (44-10-0) is the defending heavyweight champion heading into Glory 19. At 7-1 in Glory, he boasts 2 decision wins over #1 heavyweight Daniel Ghita and a decision win over the legendary Peter Aerts. In his first meeting with Zimmerman, Verhoeven got caught in the tornado of Zimmerman’s hook-to-uppercut combinations and suffered a first round KO. In their rematch at Glory 9, it was Verhoeven who dominated with much more calculated striking and precision, taking the unanimous decision win home. In the upcoming rubber match, he is looking to close their third chapter with the last word and leave the arena with the title in tact.

Errol Zimmerman

Mike Tyson says it best in the interview, “The Bone Crusher” has some amazing speed for a heavyweight. One of Zimmerman’s scariest qualities as a fighter is his counterpunching ability. He needed just one opportunity to land a hook-to-uppercut combination and it was all the evidence you needed to see that he has powerful one-touch knock out power. While he has that ace ready and waiting, Verhoeven was able to avoid that trouble in their second meeting and outscore Zimmerman. He will be extremely motivated to earn not only payback, but the Glory Heavyweight Title.

Catch Glory 19 on Friday February 6th live on Spike TV at 9/8C. See Verhoeven and Zimmerman touch gloves, Joe Schilling return to the Glory arena, a 4-man welterweight tournament and #1 lightweight Andy Ristie back in action.