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WWE Network Offers February Free with New Subscription

(Royal Rumble 2015 Triple Threat Competitor John Cena)

The WWE offered a free November promotion for the WWE Network and due to a positive response, the WWE makes the same offer for February in preparation for WrestleMania. All February long, you can subscribe for free to get access to all of the WWE Network’s programming including Stone Cold Steve Austin’s live podcast and the all new pay-per-view event WWE Fast Lane on February 22nd.

Offering a free month for new subscribers comes in support of Tuesday’s announcement that the WWE Network hit a whopping one million subscribers in eleven months since its launch. Reaching the one million subscriber mark shot up stock the WWE’s stock price and offered a strong piece of good news following the fan recoil to Royal Rumble and Storm Juno’s infringement on Monday Night Raw.

While not confirmed as the main event, Fastlane features John Cena taking on Rusev. Rusev survived the madness of Royal Rumble’s 30-man tournament by hiding under the ring and attacking Roman Reigns at the last minute. The Rock came in to rescue Reigns at the last minute before Rusev got the chance to take the rumble. John Cena showed a strong effort against Seth Rollins while Brock Lesnar was stunned outside of ring, but “The Beast Incarnate” was too much for the triple threat competitors. Both Rusev and Cena will need a win to rebound from Royal Rumble.

“Last November, we offered a free month of WWE Network to new subscribers with great success, helping us reach the one million subscriber milestone,” said Michelle Wilson, WWE Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer. “We are excited to extend the same opportunity in February to those who have not yet subscribed, so they can experience all that WWE Network offers right before WrestleMania.”

If you’re not a WWE Network subscriber and want to give February a shot, sign up at WWE.com.