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Pacquiao Meets Mayweather for First Time at Bucks Game

(Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were both sitting courtside at Tuesday's Heat game in Miami, prompting their first face-to-face meeting.)

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were in the same arena with thousands of people watching, however, they did not meet with their gloves tied on. Mayweather and Pacquiao encountered one another during the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

At half time, Mayweather made his way over to Pacquiao and had a 30-second conversation where the two exchanged numbers, not punches. “He gave his number to me and said we will communicate with each other,” Pacquiao told The Associated Press, further noting that he had never met Mayweather in person before but had only talked on the phone. Pacquiao had also previously been present at one of Mayweather’s undercards in 2001.

It is unclear if this really happened by happenstance or if it was the work of a mysterious promotor.

(Mayweather and Pacquiao at last night’s Bucks and Heat game)

After the game, Floyd then went to Manny’s hotel room nearby to further discuss a fight between the two. It’s possible they were going over Manny’s Showtime deal and Floyd’s CBS deal as well as deciding what role boxing promoter Bob Arum will play in the fight expected to take place on May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pacquiao stated earlier this month that he needs any deal with Mayweather completed by the end of January, because he needs that kind of time to launch the fights promotion.

(Mayweather and Pacquiao met at last night’s Bucks game)

Mayweather has said he plans to fight May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas regardless if it’s against Pacquiao or any other fighter. Arum told ESPN.com last week that if the fight is never officially set, Pacquiao’s backup plan would be to fight on May 30. As expected, Arum mentioned former unified Junior Welterweight titleholder Amir Khan as Paquiao’s leading contender.