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Royce Gracie Weighs in on Jon Jones, CM Punk and Bellator MMA

(Jiu-jitsu master Royce Gracie)

The man that built the UFC and proved technique could conquer size, Royce Gracie (14-3-3), recently talked to submission radio and offered his thoughts on the major topics of mixed martial arts today. The UFC signing of CM Punk (Phillip Brooks) and the usage of cocaine by UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

“Man sometimes these guys forget that they are an example for the crowd,” said Gracie. “So it’s not just when they do the fighting inside the cage, [but] what they do outside the cage, the way they behave themselves. There’s a lot of young kids looking up to him. You see, he’s an example for the new generation, for the new kids. So he should behave when you’re the example for the new kids. I don’t agree with any recreational drugs or any drugs.”

(Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort touch gloves at UFC 152)

“But sometimes you lose [sight]. He’s the champion. He loses consciousness of how important he is for the young kids, and that’s not the kind of example that I want my son to be looking up to a guy that’s playing around. Well that doesn’t help, but a lot of people are saying ‘Well that’s just recreational. That’s nothing to do with the fighting business.’ Doesn’t matter. It’s still illegal. It’s a drug.”

Royce then addressed CM Punk. He feels that everybody should give MMA a try at some point.

“I haven’t had a chance to train with him yet, but it’s controversial,” he acknowledged. “Everybody is like, a lot of people are upset with him jumping from WWE to MMA. Man, MMA is for everybody. You want to try out? Go ahead. If you’re not ready, it’s not going to be a good way to make a living. ‘Cause he’s gonna get punched in the face for real. If he’s going to be good or not, time will tell. He might be awesome at it. He might be one of those talented guys. You see, with a little bit of training he could go on and be good, be an add-on to the MMA shows. But if he’s not ready, man the guys will hit him for real and they’ll punch him in the face for real. But I’m in favor of anybody should try out.”

Royce Gracie

Finally, Royce Gracie commented on his current role in the sport and being a ambassador for Bellator MMA.

“They are new and upcoming; that’s what attracts me to them,” he said. “Plus I know Scott Coker. Scott Coker is a friend of mine. Before there was Bellator involvement he was a martial artist. [He] used to train karate. When he approached me, I was like ‘Sure man. Let’s how Bellator grow worldwide’ and he’s like “Yeah, there’s nobody better than you to educate the crowd. You’re good at that.”

“Of course I had to call Dana White first and ask for permission, because the UFC is my house man. I built that place.”

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