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Arnold Schwarzenegger Named WWE Celebrity HOF Inductee

(Action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger)

He’s been called Mr. Universe, action superstar and California State Governor. Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger can add yet another title to the win column. Announced today by the WWE, the Austrian-Born superstar will be recognized for his contributions to the organization as a celebrity inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the United States a year after winning the Mr. Universe Competition, quickly befriending future WWE Champion “Superstar” Billy Graham in the United States. He has been close with different professional wrestling icons throughout his entire career as an entertainer including Bruno Sammartino, whom Arnold Schwarzenegger inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2 years ago.

The onset of the Attitude Era saw a special title bestowed to Arnold Schwarzenegger in November of 1999. In the ring, Vince McMahon presented the superstar with his own replica WWE Title and named him the “World Box Office Champion.” On the episode, he memorably help defeat D-Generation X by providing Steve Austin with a steel chair to finish Triple H. When Triple H tried to punish Schwarzenegger after the match, he ducked and pounded him until it was “Game” over.

(Arnold Schwarzenegger inducts Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame)

In 2014, Arnold appeared on Raw for the first time to promote his upcoming film “Sabotage,” alongside Joe Manganiello. The Miz interrupted and tried to steal the show’s thunder, but he was slugged across his Moneymaker by Schwarzenegger and sent out of the ring by Hulk Hogan. He joined professional wrestling friends in the ring and now he joins them enshrined in the hall. Watch a collection of Arnold’s best moments in the ring as provided by the WWE.