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Royal Rumble Backlash: Subscription Cancellation Catches Fire

(Daniel Bryan sporting a signature slogan t-shirt)

Last night’s Royal Rumble has left many fans extremely upset with the WWE and the direction of the company. Much of the controversy surrounds the tenth competitor to enter the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan. With so much put behind Daniel Byan’s comeback storyline, many expected that he would make a very good run in the 30-man battle or possibly win it all. Instead, the fan favorite entered the action, spent nearly 10 minutes in the ring and was knocked out out quickly from the event. Even with the returning support of the Rock, Roman Reigns’ victory in the Royal Rumble as overshadowed by outspoken boos from the crowd.

The crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center booed relentlessly at Daniel Bryan’s quick elimination through the entrance of The Rock and through Roman Reigns’ victory. How far did the boo’s travel? The #CancelWWENEtwork made it all the way to social media’s number one trend and into Time Magazine. According to wrestlezone.com, so many people did in fact cancel their subscriptions that the cancelation page crashed for over an hour.

(Roman Reigns, Royal Rumble 2015 winner)

This kind of backlash is one that the WWE has to take very seriously. Giving the fans what they want has very real consequences when such a boycott catches fire. Every guy or gal in the seat may not be a shareholder of the publicly traded company, but a stadium full of fans that disapprove of the evening’s entertainment can be a devastating blow.

What do you think the WWE can do to recover from a largely disliked Royal Rumble? Where do you think Daniel Bryan will end up next in the ring?