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Royal Rumble Results: Roman Reigns Takes it All

(Roman Reigns, Royal Rumble 2015 winner)

Second only to WrestleMania, Royal Rumble is one of the most anticipated events of the WWE calender. The exciting 30-man tournament and complimentary matchup results are provided by wwe.com.

Roman Reigns Wins the 2015 Royal Rumble

(Royal Rumble favorite Roman Reigns)

The final four left in the 30-man battle were Roman Reigns, Big Show, Kane and Rusev. The Rock rushed in to make a surprising WWE return, helping to save Reigns by taking out Big Show and Kane. Rusev attempted to surprise Roman Reigns after hiding underneath the ring, but was eliminated as the last competitor. Many in the Philadelphia crowd were upset at Daniel Bryan’s early elimination by Bray Wyatt, but Roman Reigns earns the WrestleMania title shot nonetheless.

Order of entry

1. The Miz (eliminated by Bubba Ray)
2. R-Truth (eliminated by Bubba Ray)
3. Bubba Ray Dudley (eliminated by Wyatt)
4. Luke Harper (eliminated by Wyatt)
5. Bray Wyatt (eliminated by Big Show and Kane)
6. Curtis Axel (incapacitated before entry)
7. The Boogeyman (eliminated by Wyatt)
8. Sin Cara (eliminated by Wyatt)
9. Zack Ryder (eliminated by Wyatt)
10. Daniel Bryan (eliminated by Wyatt)
11. Fandango (eliminated by Rusev)
12. Tyson Kidd (eliminated by Bryan)
13. Stardust (eliminated by Reigns)
14. Diamond Dallas Page (eliminated by Rusev)
15. Rusev (eliminated by Roman Reigns)
16. Goldust (eliminated by Reigns)
17. Kofi Kingston (eliminated by Rusev)
18. Adam Rose (eliminated by Rusev)
19. Roman Reigns (winner)
20. Big E (eliminated by Rusev)
21. Damian Mizdow (eliminated by Rusev)
22. Jack Swagger (eliminated by Big Show)
23. Ryback (eliminated by Big Show and Kane)
24. Kane (eliminated by Roman Reigns)
25. Dean Ambrose (eliminated by Big Show and Kane)
26. Titus O’Neil (eliminated by Reigns and Ambrose)
27. Bad News Barrett (eliminated by Ziggler)
28. Cesaro (eliminated by Ziggler)
29. Big Show (eliminated by Roman Reigns)
30. Dolph Ziggler (eliminated by Big Show and Kane)

Brock Lesnar (c) def. Seth Rollins and John Cena

(WWE Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar)

Rollins and Cena gave everything in their power to end Lesnar’s run in the Triple Threat Match while still battling one another. Rollins soared through the air for a spectacular elbow to Lesnar on the announcer’s table, isolating Cena as an opponent in the ring with the help of J&J security. After suffering a three-on-one assault, Cena retaliated with a double Attitude Adjustment on Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury and hit Rollins with the finishing move. Neither noticed Lesnar recovering at ringside.

Rollins clocked Lesnar twice with his Money in the Bank Briefcase before trying to put “The Beast Incarnate” to rest with a Curb Stomp. Lesnar caught Rollins mid-stomp, hoisted him onto his shoulders and finished him with an F-5 to remain the Heavyweight Champion.

The Bella Twins def. Paige & Natalya

Natalya & Paige vs. The Bella Twins
(Natalya & Paige vs. The Bella Twins, Royal Rumble 2015)

The Usos def. The Miz and Damien Mizdown (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

(The Usos, photo via galleryhip.com)

The Ascension def. The New Age Outlaws

(The Ascension stand victorious)

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd def. Kofi Kingston & Big E

(Big E & Kofi Kingston celebrate victory over Tyson Kidd)