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Video: How CM Punk Handles Aggressive Fans


We’ve all seen how Triple H handles a fan crisis.  When confronted with a frustrated or unhappy fan, even one who’s a fan of John Cena, Triple H has (on more than one occasion) shown he can put his ego, or alter ego if you will, aside and do the right thing.  He might play the “bad guy” on stage but he’s a big softie when the curtains close.  So what about CM Punk?

A recent WWE veteran, now turned UFC MMA superstar “to-be”, CM Punk brings a new shade of color to the ranks of the ever expanding mixed martial arts promotion.  Given the recent top rank losses and PR fiascos the UFC could use an infusion of fresh and popular blood.  But is the Punk made of the stuff that could make the UFC great again?

With a peppered past, Punk has consistently used the gimmick of being an outspoken, sharp-tongued, anti-establishment, straight edge iconoclast. His principles and outspokenness in character were based on his actual demeanor and way of life out of character.  But along with being straight edge, even when walking the straight and narrow path in life, it’s east to forget that edge can be very sharp.

Originally taken in 2012 at the October 8th WWE Monday Night Raw event, this video shows a side of CM Punk that only few fans have witnessed in person, but millions have seen from it’s sensational broadcast and subsequent news coverage at the time.  The fan that Punk struck down was kind enough not to press charges although a police report was taken.  Certainly, we’d hope that the Punk and the WWE made it up to him somehow.

So how will Punk fair in the UFC?  Does he stand a chance?  Outside of the WWE script we haven’t seen much of what he has to offer in a competitive setting.  But if you take this video into account, the spinning back hand and open palm strike to the chin is reminiscent of one of the UFC’s great champs, Jon Jones.  Of course, the tongue in cheek comparison is meant as a little jab at the two.  In the end it’s likely better to “poke” fun at the Punk’s expense before anyone lets more of those open palm strikes loose  in the octagon.  (Ahem, Jon Jones….)