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Paul Heyman Talks Business with Brock

(Brock Lesnar manager and promoter Paul Heyman)

Paul Heyman is widely considered the top mic guy, advocate and manager in the current sports entertainment industry capital of the WWE. He’s handler of the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar will have to defend his gold against former longtime WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena (whom he has two straight victories over) and Authority “Golden Boy” Seth Rollins in a monumental match at this weekend’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Before Lesnar defends his belt, Paul Heyman talked to Rolling Stone for an insightful interview on a variety of topics. After Brock was off screen for a period of time, Heyman backed guys like Cesaro and Curtis Axel, but neither really found their groove with Paul.

“I think the bar was set so high with the chemistry that Brock and I have, and the chemistry that Punk and I had, that it would be very difficult to match that. It’s not just a situation of, ‘Stick manager A with wrestler B.’ Especially when you’re shooting for the top. I’ve never walked through the curtain with someone I wasn’t trying to audition as a WrestleMania main-eventer, and I never want to. And I’m sure the performers I’ve worked with didn’t want to have an advocate whose goal was anything less. But sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there.”

(WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar)

Brock was the guy that did mesh with Heyman and arguably had one of his best years in the WWE in 2014. Heyman makes note:

“If you look back on WWE 20 years from now, I would suggest the two most newsworthy matches [of this past year] were Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, and the most one-sided, uncontested beatdown of a top star in history when Brock hit John Cena with 16 suplexes and crushed him at SummerSlam. I don’t think anything else, from a historical perspective, can hold water to those two.”

To wrap things up, Paul Heyman addressed what he feels the furture landscape of pro wrestling will look like.

“The next evolution of the business won’t be the actual content or presentation, but the manner in which the business and the content is distributed. I would suggest to you that [with] today’s distribution channels, which are smartphones and other handheld accessories, that the product will skew younger in the next couple of years, because that’s going to be the audience.”

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