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Video: Nick Diaz Shows Talent With Nunchucks


In this video you can see, the new middleweight underdog, showing off skills (with the nunchucks) that are unfortunately not allowed to be used in the context of MMA as a sport, however if you ever wanted to get a true picture of a “mixed” martial artist, then this multitalented fighter has something to inspire almost anyone.

Before Nick Diaz was re-signed to the UFC, he enjoyed a fruitful career as part of the Strikeforce roster of fighters.  Subsequent to the acquisition of Strikeforce by the UFC (after 2011) he relinquished is welterweight champion title in exchange for a chance to fight through the ranks in the UFC once more.

Now just under two years since his last fight (against former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre) he is prepping for a battle with renown former middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 183.  We’ve all known that Diaz, with a record of 26-9, has excellent stand-up and grappling skills.  But are they enough to compete with an elite athlete like Anderson Silva?  With a record of 33-6, Silva presents a significant challenge for Diaz.  Perhaps even one of the greatest challenges of his career.

Of particular interest in this bout is the fact that Diaz is moving from his long time comfort zone of welterweight to pack on the additional mass to meet Silva in the octagon at middleweight.  How will this fair for the dynamic yet controversial fighter?

All this remains to be seen, however from the video above, you can bet that Diaz may have a few more tricks up his sleeve than most fans might imagine!