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Goldberg on Jon Jones’ Revival & Brock Lesnar’s Return to UFC

(Bill Goldberg (L) and Brock Lesnar (R) on Raw)

Bill Goldberg has been known as a powerhouse wrestler in the WWE and WCW but he has always had a passion for MMA. In a recent interview with Australia’s Submission Radio he gave his thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s possible return to the UFC as well as the recent failed drug test from Jon Jones.

Goldberg feels very strong that Brock Lesnar will in fact return to the UFC.

“I think so,” he said. “I think if Brock … you know I haven’t trained with Brock. I don’t know exactly what he does, but if I were him I’d spend 75% of my time on stand up. I believe that if he does it properly he can go back and dominate, But if he doesn’t do it properly he’ll go back and the same thing will happen, you know [as happened] towards the end of his tenure. It’s all about growing. It’s all about being able to look at yourself in the mirror and look at your deficiencies, and be man enough, and be egoless to go out and put yourself in negative situations in training so that you could learn.”

(Brock Lesnar, photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Bill Goldberg went into vivid detail on how he felt about current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones testing positive for Cocaine and UFC President’s Dana White’s reaction to the crisis.

“When I saw Dana White’s comment about ‘this is the best thing that could have happened’ you know I was appalled,” he began. “But once you sit back and think about it, for Jon Jones the person this is the best thing that could have happened.”

“Do I like Jon Jones as a fighter? Was I cheering for Jon Jones against Cormier? No. Do I appreciate his ability? Do I think he is pound for pound the gnarliest MMA fighter on the planet? Absolutely. Can I appreciate the fact that he’s made it to that level by training his ass off, and being unique, and being innovate? Absolutely. Do I like him as a person on a post-fight interview? Absolutely not. Do I like the eye pokes and do I like the knee kicks? Absolutely not. I think that’s cheap.”

“I think he can be a much better fighter, and be a much better champion, and be a much better example for people to follow, if he sat back and just understood that some of things that he says and some of the things that he does need to be tweaked a little bit. And hey, I don’t know Jon, but I love him to death because he’s a guy that worked his ass off to make it to the top of his field. As a human being I want the best for Jon Jones.

(Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier brawl at the MGM Grand)

“UFC on the other hand, what they did with this situation; until I get 100% of the information straight in front of me so I could look at it, I think passing judgment not really knowing everything, I think they dropped the ball. Because they’ve been fighting for what, 20 years to try and get a positive impression from everyone? From trying to get into New York state, from trying to get into these states that John McCain kept them out of years and years ago. I think it would be in their interest to do the right thing.”

“And you know the definition from the commission about in-season testing and what ‘in-season’ means is absolutely appalling. It’s ridiculous and it’s a technicality, and it’s something that if they would have pulled Jones from the fight, God knows how many millions of dollars they would have lost, and they would have had to refund. I can’t tell you how long it’s been that I have been wanting for a fight to happen such as Cormier and Jones. You know Lawler and Hendricks I definitely wanted to see that one, but there’s other fights that you want to see. But if they would have taken that one off the plate then that was a huge loss for them in a lot of ways. So I understand from a business stand point why nothing was done, but it doesn’t look real good from the outside looking in. So I think something has to be done.

(UFC-140:-Weigh In)
(UFC 140 Weigh in, Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

“I know Jon Jones is going to come back bigger and better, and look at it from a wrestling stand point; a lot of people thought he was a dick beforehand, though he was a great fighter. I made the analogy yesterday; it’s like I’m a car guy, I love muscle cars. And if I see a low-rider going down the street, and it’s perfect, immaculate, I’m gonna appreciate it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. So I have a lot of respect for him, but I don’t like some of the things that he says and some of it, he’s like a little baby sometimes, you know? That’s not the way a champion is. And 90 percent of the time he’s a great champion, but there’s just some things that I’m not in favor of. But hey, it makes him look like a heel, and you need a heel. And does it show a character turn, and is this the thing that puts everyone back in his corner, and even the people that didn’t like him before put in his corner? Hey, absolutely. But at the end of the day none of that matters. We’re talking about one human being and their struggle with drugs, and I hope nothing but the best for Jon Jones.”

There’s no confirmed news about whether or not Brock will sign with the UFC following the expiration of his WWE contract. The winner of Gustafsson vs. Johnson is expected to be the the next light heavyweight challenger for John Jones. See the contenders battle on UFC on Fox 14.

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