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Triple H Breaks Character During Raw to Console Fan

(Triple H, WWE COO)

Triple H has been many things in his career. He’s been a rich aristocrat, King of the Ring, leader of D generation X, The Game, Royal Rumble Winner, The leader of Evolution, The King of Kings, The COO, The leader of The Authority, multiple time WrestleMania main event star and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, now you can call him a consoling father figure. Triple H has always done his best work as an on screen super heel but last night for a brief second, he played a real life true baby face.

During the night’s main event which pit John Cena in a handicap/last chance match against the Authority team consisting of “Corporate” Kane, The Big Show and “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins. If Cena was to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds then he would be able to have Dolph Ziggler, “The Big Guy” Ryback and Eric Rowan reinstated.

The trio lost their jobs when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon got their positions as The Authority of the WWE back. Cena couldn’t let Rollins attempt to break the neck of WWE Hall of Famer Edge and agreed to give The Authority their power back.

Cena began the match getting absolutely obliterated as all members of the Authority flanked ringside. This all brought a mega smile and chuckle to the face of the mega heel Triple H. But a little boy caught up in the imagination and pageantry that the WWE provides, began to break down and cry while witnessing such evil malice on the face of Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

(Triple H pauses the action to console a crying boy)

The COO of The WWE did the unthinkable. He broke character completely and consoled the child as a loving father would after their kid had been awoken from a bad dream. It showed that even in the thick of the act, all WWE superstars are in fact very human in nature and all pay respect to their following in the WWE Universe.

It was also a very proud moment in the history of Triple H. He may have broken character, but the decision to do so should receive a huge amount of respect from his critics. Triple H brought the boy and his father with security to the backstage of the arena following the match. In all reality what Hunter did was essentially in many more ways than one, what was best for business.

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