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Chris Jericho Comments on McMahon, WWE Re-Invention

(Chris Jericho on the WWE mic)

Chris Jericho recently talked to The Independent in the UK, having some interesting things to say about his boss Vince McMahon. He mainly addressed a comment that Vince made on his very revealing interview from Stone Cold Steve Austin on his annual podcast show. Vince talked about a “brass ring” and Jericho believes it is something that wrestlers should strive for if they feel they are being underused or if their character has become stale.

(WWE veteran Chris Jericho)

“Vince is Vince, he has opinions and that’s really all that matters. If he doesn’t think that some guys are grabbing the brass ring then some of the guys better do what they can to stand out and step up. I had to do it back in 1999 and 2000. I did it again in 2007 and 2008, and I did it again in 2012. You have to reinvent yourself, if something isn’t working you need to change the direction. If you need a boost and a shot in the ass you’ve got to make sure that you do that. Nobody is going to take care of you except for yourself, nobody is ever going to come up with the magic plan and say “here you go, here’s the magic wand.” If something isn’t working you have to change it, make it better.”

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“John Cena did it. Remember the days when he was just a nameless, faceless guy? He started rapping and suddenly became the biggest name in the business. Nobody did that for John, he did it himself. He came up with these characters and then somebody went “wow that’s something we can do something with!”

“That’s how the business works, times change every generation, and Vince has been around since the sixties, so he sees things from every decade and he might be thinking of the way guys used to do things. Things have changed, and my only advice is that if you’re not at the level you want to be at then look within you and take some chances whether you’re given the permission to do it or not.”

Jericho is rumored to return at this year’s Royal Rumble this Sunday on the WWE Network as a surprise guest entrant. In his last stint with the WWE, he had a very entertaining feud with Bray Wyatt who will also be in the Royal Rumble match.

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