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Video: Silva’s Sparring Partner Vigorously Defends


Quite possibly the most watched MMA video of the week came to surface Tuesday through a Vine.com share that was subsequently picked up by several media outlets. The video, originally part of a longer segment by Globo.tv in Brazil, depicted former longtime UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “Spider” Silva (33-6-1) rushing an unknown sparring partner with a knee to the jaw during a training session.  In the video, the camera zooms in to capture the action as his partner bounced off the back of the cage, landing on his right hip while Silva continues to deliver light punches to the face of a seemingly unconscious partner.

The video sparked tremendous controversy, with many pundits claiming his partner was never knocked out, yet still others claimed it was at least a TKO.  The obvious ethical and moral questions arose from the viewing and portrayal of the video in context to training.  In an effort to provide more clarity on the events, Silva’s formally unidentified sparring partner came to his defense during an interview with MMAFighting.com.  Now known to be welterweight Douglas Moura (5-1) the hotly debated and supposed ‘victim’ of the event claimed he was never knocked out during training.

“I wasn’t out, I was just dizzy. I wasn’t out,” Moura said. “Right after that, I recovered, got back up and we continued training. Nothing happened. No big deal.”

Moura also scrutinized Globo.tv for the editing of the released video and attempted to explain what he remembered of the event.

“They didn’t do a good job with the editing. That’s not what happened,” Moura said. “We’re fighting, it happens, but when (Silva) realized I was dizzy, he didn’t punch for real. He was just touching his hand on me, giving me time to recover. There was 2:30 minutes left in the round, and we continued training after that, but they didn’t show that on TV. It happened to me, but it also happened to him before. It’s completely normal” The way they edited, looked like he was trying to hurt me,” he continued. “That’s not what happened. During the other part of the training, they said Wendres ‘Godzilla’ (da Silva) gave up during his sparring session with Anderson, but that’s not true. The round simply ended and he was resting. Globo did a poor job with the editing.”

Moura was helping Silva prepare for his upcoming return bout with MMA bad boy Nick Diaz (26-9-1) in the main event of UFC 183 on January 31st. This will be Silva’s first bout since December 28th 2013 as he’s been rehabbing a broken leg. Moura concluded the interview by insisting that Silva didn’t intend harm and that the he holds the legendary athlete in high regard.

“This is not the first time I’m part of Anderson’s training camp. He always helped me a lot,” Moura said. “He’s not only a teammate, but he’s also a friend. He always helped me, gave me good advice. He’s a great athlete and a great person.”

While SciFighting has viewed the entire segment aired on Globo.tv, we have not seen any evidence of editing by Globo.tv to suggest a skewed portrayal of Silva as a athlete or a national star to his nations fans.  If anything, the segment was complimentary and meant to generate excitement for his pending bout with Nick Diaz.  As always, we suggest our readers make up their own minds.  For those who wish to scrutinize the footage in questions we took the full 15 second clip depicting the claimed KO/TKO and reduced speed by 50%.  You can view the clip in HD, unedited and in slow motion here.

BUT… If you’d like to see a quick video montage with our take on the entire affair, please check out this exclusive SciFighting Video Montage!

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