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Video: Silva Knocks Out Training Partner (Uncut in Slow-Motion)


Without question, the video released yesterday of Anderson Silva knocking out a training partner depicted in a video montage from a special on Globo.tv had drawn a good deal of controversy.  Some fans have insisted the knock out never happened, others insisted the blows to the head were light and completely benign.  And yet some others have even asked to see the full cut of the video.

We’ve sourced the original footage and cut down to only the key material.  Approximately 15 seconds, to which we slowed the action down 50% for you to get a good look at what’s happening.  What you see here is the footage, uncut from the original Globo broadcast.

Those of you in Brazil can watch the original program at the Globo.tv website.

When you look closely at the footage you can see a left knee connecting with his partners chin, briefly causing him to lose consciousness and fall against the cage, then to the ground.  Silva wastes no time in mounting his opponent and throwing (what seem to be) light blows to the head.  He continues with repeated strikes from the right, then left, then right, then left again before the video cuts to another segment.

Whether or not he stopped shortly after, the question remains, what the benefit of repeated left and right strikes to the head in this training session would reveal.  Consulting with various MMA trainers and Boxing coaches, all seem to agree that Silva could have easily stopped after the first few strikes to the head.  Even if it was purely to drive a point home.

That being said, this all might have been an elaborate publicity stunt.  Knowing he was performing for the camera during the Globo segment filming, he might have had an agreement to embellish in the training to drive a point home to his audience.  We can’t be certain of the intentions, but for those who are curious you now have more complete footage to scrutinize.