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Video: Anderson Silva Pummels Unconscious Sparring Partner

(Anderson Silva celebrates KO victory vs. Vitor Belfort)

During a recent interview with Globo in Brazil, video was released of Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva pummeling his unconscious sparring partner after an apparent KO from the ground.  Some have questioned the sincerity of the footage, claiming that it was perhaps staged as a publicity stunt.  While yet others are crying foul insisting this is bad behavior for a fighter in any practice setting.

Indeed it is true that disregarding the safety of your partner in a training setting if a massive faux pax and will also net you a loss of potential partners when you look to train in the future.  Although in Mr. Silva’s case it could be argued his partners might be paid a substantial sum of money to simulate an even more realistic combat setting, the notion of beating an unconscious opponent also leads audiences to cringe at the sight.

Was this just an overzealous attempt at generating controversy for the pending bout with Nick Diaz later this Spring?  Or was this something else?

Taken at face value, such a scenario is very plausible, even when in a training setting.  A sudden rush of adrenaline combined with an emotional high can drive an athlete (especially one who engages in combat sports) into a state of rage.  One in which the psychology reinforces the biology creating a temporary feedback loop.  While this reaction isn’t an ‘excuse’ for excessive force during a sparring session it does help answer the question of intent when incidents like these occur.

What do you think?  Staged or real?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Update:  Those of you who’ve been asking for more footage to review.  We’ve gotten a hold of the source programing and have taken out 15 key seconds of footage (for 30 seconds of video in slow motion) that show just how Silva knocked out his training partner.  Go here to see the uncut footage!

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  • Stui

    “Silva pummelling his unconscious sparring partner” I didn’t see any pummelling, what a poorly written article. Also it is a 7 second video, he could of literally stopped love tapping him a second later.

    • Even if, and that’s a big if, he was “love tapping” a downed sparring partner. He could have hit him anywhere other than the head. It’s training. Not actual combat. And when you’re talking about repetitive strikes every second counts.

      • Stui

        Either way, it’s a 7 second video, that is no where near adequate time to evaluate exactly what went down. But from what I can see, the sparring opponent wasn’t unconscious, rocked and dazed but not completely unconscious and Silva wasn’t throwing bombs he was, like I said, throwing love taps. Where is the full video anyway ?

  • bleadze

    We all know he can fight we don’t doubt that but he gotta go visit that gym and get his leg workout done

  • Daniel Wood

    This is how training is. It isn’t pumelling either. Its little taps on the headguard that his partner is wearing.

    You train harder than the actual fight will be. Sparring is usually 70 to 90% full contact. Some gyms go the full 100% when sparring.

    People who are saying it’s wrong etc should visit an mma gym and see how sparring is and ask questions. This is what training for MMA is.