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Werdum Welcomes Jon Jones Superfight

(Fabricio Werdum celebrates victory over Mike Russow)

With Jon Jones’ defeat of Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, who makes a suitable opponent for the Light Heavyweight Champion? With many in the division trumped by Jon Jones, he has claimed that there are a few heavyweights beatable by his skills. After being called out on the topic, Fabricio Werdum claims to be ready for the superfight any time.

(Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort touch gloves at UFC 152)

During a UFC media day, Jones talked about facing Werdum at heavyweight.

“There are definitely a lot of heavyweights that I know I would beat,” Jones said. “A lot of heavyweights that could give me a hell of a run or possibly beat me. I keep it real. I’m smaller than these guys.”

“A guy like Werdum, I would fight him every day, all day,” Jones stated. “Why? Because he’s not the biggest guy. But the heavyweights I believe would give me the hardest time are the big ones. Not necessarily the better skilled ones — just the bigger ones. You shoot in and they sprawl out on you, that’s going to take a lot of energy to finish that shot, you know what I mean?”

Interim UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum responded, very open to the idea of meeting Jones in the octagon…or anywhere else for that matter.

“If you want to fight me every day, come to Kings MMA. We’ll spar every day, all day, with no time limit for a week, a month, until one quits. If you want to fight me every day, that’s how it’s going to work,” Werdum said. “When we have a visitor that talks too much trash, we do sparring sessions with no time limit, until someone quits. Old-school MMA.”

“But if you want to fight me, we can talk to the UFC and do this superfight,” he continued. “Heavyweight, catchweight, anything.”

(Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Fabricio Werdum)

While this may just be a series of jabs, you have to wonder if the UFC would encourage Jon Jones to move up to heavyweight for a superfight. His physical frame is an anomaly for the average light heavyweight and a near unbeatable force to reckon with when paired with his talent. Perhaps moving Jones to heavyweight would provide an extreme challenge for the long-reigning light heavyweight.

Do you think Fabricio Werdum would make a good challenger for Jon Jones? Which heavyweight would be too much for him to handle?