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Holzken vs. Groenhart Added to Glory 19

(Nieky Holzken, photo courtesy of Gloryworldseries.com)

Glory 19 has added Nieky “The Natural” Holzken (84-11, 44 KO’s) and Murthel “The Predator” Groenhart (55-16-3, 31 KO’s) to Glory 19’s 4-man Welterweight Contender Tournament. Holzken has spent the majority of 2014 on the sidelines, recovering from a frustrating shoulder injury. Now back in action in the Glory ring, he will face Groenhart in a rematch. Analyzing their last fight in 2010, here are some of the key techniques we should see in their rematchup in Glory 19.

United Glory 12: 2010–2011 World Series Quarterfinals

Round 1

Groenhart opened the fight with fantastic Muay Thai technique, utilizing fast jabs and Thip kicks. Nieky pressed forward in the opening rounds, forcing Groenhart into the corners of the ring. Groenhart kept Holzken back with thips until Holzken tried for a spinning back kick. When Holzken tried for a spinning back kick, Groenhart pressed forward agressively but was caught by a left hook that knocked him off balance. Groenhart was able to use front kicks effectively at a distance and flying knees when the fight got in close.

Round 2

Groenhart came to meet Nieky with aggressive counterstrikes at 4:45, but Holzken survived. Holzkien was constantly working to put Groenhart into the corner and started working on the body at 6:10. The biggest change in round 2 is that Holzken really started to open up with strikes to the body and was always prepared with counterstrikes.

Round 3

The opening of round 3 was a brutal leg kicking contest that amazingly didn’t seem to break either fighter. Round three seemed very equally scored. Groenhart, while in the corner, was always ready to break out with a flying knee. Holzken stayed aggressive with his bread and butter body shots. Holzken’s greatest success of the fight came at 2:45 when he landed some hard hooks in combination.

Extra round

Both fighters still looked incredibly crisp in the opening of the extra round. At 5:30, you see Holzkien’s timing again almost take Groenhart off balance. Awesome caught kick at 5:45 by Groenhart followed by an excellent combination at 5:55. He showed great movement and reaction at 6:20, avoiding two left hooks one after another. At 7:20, you get a perfect picture of how well Groenhart can work from the outside with jabs and thips. Holzken answered by making his opponent pay with his own caught kick and hook at 8:10.

Glory 19

(Murthel Groenhart, photo via gloryworldseries.com)
(Murthel Groenhart, photo via gloryworldseries.com)

The war seems to be between Groenhart’s Muay Thai and Nieky’s boxing finesse. Their first fight was a very close call that went Holzken’s way, but Groenhart’s flying knees and Holzken’s body shots could end the fight at any correctly timed moment. Holzken tried his best to pin his opponent in the corners of the ring, but Groenhart was constantly able to create distance with his jab and thip. There is definitely a score to settle from their first close fight.