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TFC: 5-on-5 Fights Headed to Pay-per-View

(Team Fighting Championship's 5 on 5 fighting, photo via youtube.com)

In a 40’x40′ ring monitored by 5 referees, two teams of five men compete in a physical martial arts contest as part of Team Fighting Championships. Is it a team mixed martial arts bout? A glorified barroom brawl? It depends on who you ask. What we do know is that TFC 2 will be available on In Demand January 23, and TFC 3 will be distributed through pay-per-view in February.

As reported by MMAFighting, TFC is owned by a corporation in Hong Kong and New Jersey-based MMA promotion Global Proving Ground, is the broadcast rights holder and in charge of recruiting fighters. The teams are created by country, with The U.S., Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Poland and Latvia all represented.

Then there’s the immediate questions that come to mind…what are the rules? (if any). Team Fighting Championships impliments the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, but adds the element of elimination style competition. There is no head butting, spiting, biting, kicks to the groin or Adam’s apple, but every other technique is on the table. Once one competitor is TKO’d or taps out in the competition, his team is down a man for what leads to subsequent 2 on 1, 3 on 1 or more in the competition. It’s problematic to call it a true mixed martial arts competiition as a team member could theoretically punish an opponent with ground and pound while his team member apprehends him with a heel hook.

(TFC Team fighting, photo via therrichest.com)
(TFC Team fighting, photo via therrichest.com)

For weight requirements, the fighters are not restricted by weight individually. The team must weigh no more than a collective 500 KG (about 1100 lbs.). Averaging about 220 lbs. per competitor, the teams compete in a round robin format, fighting multiple times in the same day. This type of team fighting contest is not sanctioned in the United States. See Team Fighting Championship’s past events and tournament winners from their youtube channel.