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“Rampage” Remains Critical in Contract Limbo

(Photo via sherdog.com)

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is never one to pull punches inside or outside the cage. After an outspoken departure from the UFC, the light heavyweight fought three times under the Bellator banner, most recently defeating “King Mo” Lawal in May of 2014 via unanimous decision. During a promo broadcasted on Fight Night 58, “Rampage” announced that he would in fact return to the UFC. After the news was broken, Bellator CEO Scott Coker went to twitter in response.

(Photo Courtesy via UFC.com)
(Photo Courtesy via UFC.com)

Earlier this week, Scott Coker told MMAFighting: “I wish I could comment more,” Coker stated. “The lawyers don’t want us to comment on him right now. It’s going to be in the [legal] process.”

Rampage tweeted the following, which included a full statement from his website:

The full statement cites a breach of contract among various causes for the termination:

“Jackson exercises a clause in the agreement that allows for a 45-day window to satisfy any contract dispute. Bellator MMA, failing to fulfill the requests of Jackson, was put on notice, failed to respond and eventually notified that negotiations were officially terminated.”

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

It’s unclear where Rampage will end up for the time being as both sides claim to be in the right. Whatever the case may be, an ensuing legal tug-of-war over his contract seems imminent. On his experience in Bellator, Rampage gave MMAFighting the following statement:

“Scott Coker was brought in the clean up the mess somebody else made. He just handled my mess wrong. I’m a little bit different than those other fighters. I came over first, then Tito Ortiz came, then Stephan ‘boner’ came. I was trying to build up the organization. They should have been like, ‘Let’s keep Rampage happy.’ Instead, they tried to manipulate me. I’m not with this s**t.”