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Kron Gracie Dominates in MMA Debut

(Kron Gracie, photo: ASKEW II PHOTOGRAPHY/gla2.com)

Kron Gracie made his MMA debut last night in the Japanese MMA organization Real FC. Kron is the son of the world-renowned Rickson Gracie, now following in the footsteps of his family’s historic place in mixed martial arts. Kron Gracie effortlessly utilized the famous skills of the royal family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, defeating opponent Kim Hyung-Su in just 65 seconds via armbar.

Immediately after pulling guard, Kron locked up an armbar in a matter of seconds. Bloody Elbow reports that Kron trained with the likes of Nate and Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields to prepare for his MMA debut. There wasn’t enough standing time to get a good measure on Kron’s striking abilities, but his ground game skills are evidently top-notch.

(Kron Gracie vs. Hyung Soo- Kim, photo via fightland.vice.com-Kinya Hashimoto)
(Kron Gracie vs. Hyung Soo- Kim, photo via fightland.vice.com-Kinya Hashimoto)

Kron Gracie announced that he would be pursuing an MMA career in November beginning with the Real FC bout. In an interview with MMA fighting, Rickson Gracie stated the following before his son’s debut:

“He’s focused, he wants to bring jiu-jitsu back to MMA,” Gracie said. “He’s not doing crosstraining to work on his weaknesses. He won’t start boxing, kickboxing, wrestling. He will use his jiu-jitsu to neutralize the wrestler, the striker, and work on his expertise.

“I don’t want him to learn how to knock someone out with a punch. He would need another life just to learn how to deal with fighters who come from this background. He has to learn how to avoid fighting his opponent’s game.”

With a few more fights in the proving grounds of MMA, it will be exciting to see how Kron develops in the new arena. The family, training and personal potential all seem to point to a very promising and exciting career in the works for the young Kron Gracie.