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Rousey Armbars Her Way Into The HBO Hit “Entourage”


Never one to sit still for too long, when she’s not getting ready to smash her next opponent into the ground she’s making the rounds in Hollywood determined to be the next queen “bee” (insert explicative of excitement here) of entertainment.

It may not seem like much of a feat for a knockout like Rousey to be making quick strides in an industry that’s most known for what it represents rather than what it is.  Hollywood is all about entertainment, and having the “look” definitely adds to the excitement of spectators everywhere.  But this Femme Fatale isn’t only able to knock the socks off every aspiring couch Casanova out there she can literally beat her competition into a submissive pulp of pure timidity.  Just have a look at her devastating KO of Alexis Davis.  A mere 16 seconds into the first round, Rousey knocked her opponent out clean, with a barrage of punches that left little doubt in anyone’s mind (at UFC 175) whether she could finish a human soufflé with more than Judo recipes she’d become famous for.

Entourage Trailer 1 (Early Scene)

Now it looks like she is going to take her show on the road in the next season of Entourage.  Where she will appears likely to play a significant role in the series as one of Turtle’s love interests.  When you watch the trailer you’ll be bombarded with some visual excitement that, for those unfamiliar with the series, may leave you wondering if you’ve followed the right link, but press on further and it all begins to fall into place.

Road Rage Rousey

About mid way through the trailer Rousey makes a dramatic (and familiar) entrance into the scene with an unrelenting fit of road rage that then brings some context to her newly revealed relationship with the typical cast of characters.

Rousey's Deceitfully Innocent Smile

Later we see her engaging in a bet, or challenge, of sorts, that brings the crew to the Glendale Fighting Club in Los Angeles where she and her teammates Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir (along with coach Edmond Tarverdyan) are approached by Turtle in a spirited venture to gain her favor.  You could guess how that turns out, but trust us, it’s far better seen than read.

Rousey in Entourage (Confused)

We don’t know exactly where this will take the series, let alone all of the UFC MMA star’s plans for her clearly budding career as an actor, but it’s quite likely that betting against Rousey in her quest for Hollywood fame might be as foolish as any of the bets placed against her in the octagon.

So what are you waiting for?  Watch the trailer!

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