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K-1 Classics: Hug vs. Aerts GP Final 98′

(Peter Aerts makes his walkout in Glory, photo via Gloryworldseries.com)

Peter Aerts and Andy Hug were two of the best talents that K-1 had to offer, facing off 4 times in the organization. “The Dutch Lumberjack” made his bones in Dutch Muay Thai while Hug’s striking base was in Kyokushin Karate. Both Aerts and Hug were multiple time K-1 Grand Prix champions and runners up heading into the 1998 final. Orthodox vs. Southpaw matchups are always tricky on technique, and that is exactly what we saw in the clash between Peter Aerts and Andy Hug.

98′ Grand Prix

You knew this fight was going to be one for the ages with Aerts’ first head kick.  Hug stumbled all thee way into the corner from the impact and Aerts lost his balance under the force of the kick. Aerts clinched for a knee strike and Hug began working with leg kicks. Aerts leg kicked Hug’s back leg and came in for knees in the clinch again, trying to take away Hug’s ability to kick.

After being broken up by thee referee, Aerts was able to close a great distance on Hug and land another hard knee in the solar plexus of Hug. When Aerts came back in close, Hug threw a left hook to try and fend him off, but Aerts avoided the strike and came back to the clinch. The two were broken up by thee referee one last time. Aerts threw a right kick to the body which was checcked by Hug. Aerts was able to push Hug backward in perfect position for a hard left headkick. Hug dropped his right hand when pushed by Aerts, offering no proteection from the impact. The sound of the impact alone is enough to know that it was over. Aerts beat one of the beest in K-1 for the 1998 title.