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Vince McMahon Details Brock Lesnar’s Absence, Sting’s Return

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On the latest edition of the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast, Vince McMahon was asked many questions that fans wanted answered. From the status of Vince’s son Shane, Cesaro’s current situation and even the relationship with Vince and CM Punk were all brought up. Another topic of interest was the reasoning why the current WWE Champion and the man to defeat the Undertaker for the first time at Wrestlemania and end the heralded “streak” has been absent from television in the last few months. With some transcribing help from Wrestlingnewssource.com here’s what Vince had to say about Brock Lesnar.

Austin talked about watching The Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania and asked about the background of ending the streak. Vince replied that no one wants to give back to the business more than Mark Calaway (The Undertaker). He said that it was time and when you look down the line on who he could work with, who else was it going to be? There was no one else it could be at that time. He said that Brock was the one person that Mark felt was the guy. Austin challenged him and Vince admitted that in the end he made the decision to end the streak.

Austin asked Vince why Brock Lesnar isn’t around more. Vince said you don’t want him around more because he’s a special attraction. In Brock’s last appearance, he bested John Cena once more in defense of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the Night of Champions pay-per-view on the WWE Network.

(Photo via spike.com)
(Photo via spike.com)

Vince said that Randy Savage would absolutely be in the WWE Hall of Fame. He said it would be soon, but perhaps not this year. But like a true rattle snake does, Austin cornered him and made Vince say yes. Then, like Brock, Vince addressed the situation and booking with the newly acquired Sting.

On Sting, Vince McMahon said he made a great impression, but he’s the type of character you don’t need to see every week (like Brock). However, McMahon stated: “I think you’ll see him at Wrestlemania.” Austin said that when he was hot, he was on every show, to which Vince replied that the business has changed along with some of it is contracts. Brock’s current contract is rumored to come to an end after Wrestlemania 31.

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