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Mickey Rourke Beats Elliot Seymour in Moscow

(Mickey Rourke vs. Seymour, photo: YURI KOCHETKOV / EPA)

Yes, 62 year old actor and former boxer Mickey Rourke stepped back into the ring in Moscow, Russia to take on 29 year old Elliot Seymour. Rourke ended up winning swiftly with a second round TKO. It was Mickey’s first bout in over 20 years and his first win since he beat Thomas McCay in 1993. This was a case of life imitating art for Rourke in relation to his character in the film ‘The Wrestler’ where he plays a washed up wrestler. The fight is not counted in his professional record since it was an exhibition match.

While this fight is Bernard Hopkins-esque, some are suggesting that the fight was simply a public relations display for Rourke to earn some extra cash. Former amateur boxer and veteran commentator Alexander Belenky, said the match was “just good PR action.’”

(Photo: Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press)
(Photo: Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press)

The criticism didn’t end there, during the fight viewers took to Twitter and claimed that some of the actor’s punches were illegal, most notably a punch by Rourke that connected to the buttocks of Seymour. Those in support of Mickey Rourke couldn’t believe how ripped he was for his age and according to the Associated Press, he lost 35 pounds while training for the competition. Rourke stated:

“I’ve got some things going on in my life so that (boxing has) sort of saved me from myself,” Rourke told Russian TV, via AP. “And for a man like me, it’s better to live in fear than go on in shame.”

Although this fight was laughably entertaining, the fight was not counted on Rourke’s professional record since it was an exhibition match. After the fight Rourke stated that he is preparing for at least 4 more boxing matches, whether those will also be exhibition matches has yet to be determined.