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Glory World Series 19 Moves to February 2015


While many of you in the United States will be giving “Thanks” for many things today, one thing Glory fans might not be too happy about is the slight change in schedule for this year’s event list.  Originally scheduled to take place on December 19th of this year (with the specific city and venue having never been made public) a change in plans was announced yesterday at 8:10 AM PST via blog post on www.gloryworldseries.com and broadcast only through a simple change on their official Facebook page’s headline graphic.

The card featuring a four-man tournament coupled with a heavyweight title fight between current champion Rico Verhoeven and challenger Errol Zimmerman is still in place but fans will need to exercise some patience as the event is now scheduled for February 2015.  While no specifics on the venue or actual date of the event have been announced Glory 19 will air live across the US on SPIKE TV and be broadcast in more than 140 territories worldwide.

If you’ve never been to a Glory tournament it’s definitely an experience worth remembering.  New stars are born while other collapse in a grueling and relentlessly fast paced back to back barrage of quick stand-up bouts.  Kickboxing fans can expect to see the likes of Nieky ‘The Natural’ Holzken and Californian karate prodigy Raymond ‘Real Deal’ Daniels in the tournament with the ultimate winner taking on current GLORY welterweight champion “Bazooka” Joe Valtellini.

Many fans had submitted inquiries to us on social media and via phone or email asking for updates on the final event of the year as well as the rest of the schedule for 2015.  We contacted Glory on November 25th for an official update on the status of the event as well as the venue however they were not prepared to comment at that time.  We were, however, given assurances that schedule and venue updates for 2015 would be forthcoming in short order and they did indeed, to their credit, live up to that promise.

Besides the natural disappointment fans have expressed from the delay of Glory 19 the somewhat obscure official news release on www.gloryworldseries.com has generated some mild online commentary on both their blog and social media channels, with some fans crying foul by questioning the future of the promotion as a whole.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States Glory was not available to comment or respond directly to those concerns, and as a matter of fairness and accuracy it would be unwise to draw conclusions from this single event, however we wish to assure our readers we will be following up with Glory World Series officials after the holiday.

In the mean time, be thankful that Glory World Series has been kind enough to offer standard definition streams of their entire fight library on YouTube to fans around the world!

GLORY 19: VERHOEVEN vs. ZIMMERMAN will air live across the US on SPIKE TV and will also be broadcast in more than 140 territories worldwide.

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