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“Professor Pacquiao” Dominates in Macau

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

Manny Pacquiao earned a unanimous decision victory over Chris Algieri in the highly anticipated bout in Macau, China. Although Pacquiao prayed in his corner while awaiting the decision, it was an easy call for the judges to make after they watched Algieri get knocked down six times and chased around the ring for 12 rounds. Two of the judges scorecards read 119-103 while the third had it 120-102.

Chris Algieri thought that he had what it took to beat Pacquiao, suggesting before the fight that since he beat Pacquiao in the press tour events in the days before the fight, that their fight would simply be a continuation of that. Algieri beat Pacquiao in pre-fight contests that included basketball, bowling, pool, and batting practice.

In an pre-fight interview with RingTV.com he boasted, “We played pool, we bowled, then we had batting practice, then we went to ESPN Deportes…They had a basketball shooting game, ‘Pop-a-Shot,’” then answered, “I did, yes!” when asked if he had beaten Pacquiao in all 4 sports.

Then Algieri went on to outright say that he was going to beat Pacquiao, “I’m not a predictions guy but I’m going to go out there and do what I always do, I’m going to bring my all and come out victorious. That’s how I’ve always approached my career. Any way the win comes, it comes but I am definitely getting the win.”

In reality, Chris Algieri all but quit after being knocked down once in the second round, two more times in the sixth and twice more in the ninth. After another knockdown in the 10th round, Algieri knew there was nothing he could do to impress the judges, short of knocking Pacquiao out which he probably didn’t try to do because it would have put him at risk of being knocked out himself.

Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images
Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Manny was excited about the win, but he remains focused on Floyd “Money” Mayweather: “I really want that fight, the fans deserve that fight.” If Mayweather and his camp were as impressed by this fight as much as Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach was, then making that fight happen should be no problem. “The master boxer was given a master class by professor Pacquiao tonight”, Roach said after the fight.

Algieri seems to agree, “It’s not just his hand speed,” Algieri said. “He’s a great fighter. He does everything well. Manny has perfected his style of boxing.”