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Time for WWE, UFC to Cut Brock Lesnar down to Size

(WWE Champion Brock Lesnar)

Brock Lesnar is playing the WWE and the UFC for a fool. Rumor has it that he is going to sign with the UFC after he drops the WWE championship at Wrestlemania. Is Lesnar just pitting the WWE and the UFC against each other for leverage for a better contract? The sad thing is that Lesnar actually has a chance to win the UFC heavyweight championship again, considering the sorry state of the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Fabricio Werdum, of all heavyweights, beat Mark Hunt for the UFC interim heavyweight championship title. These are two guys who wouldn’t even be able to beat Daniel Cormier, much less Cain Velasquez.

For some reason, the WWE has booked Lesnar as a modern-day Andre the Giant, some kind of monster who can’t be beat. The WWE handed him a priceless gift by letting him upset the Undertaker and end his streak at Wrestlemania. Then they practically let him take the rest of the year off after defeating John Cena for the WWE championship at SummerSlam.

(Photo courtesy Brock Lesnar WWE Universe Facebook Page.)
(Photo courtesy Brock Lesnar WWE Universe Facebook Page.)

Apparently Lesnar is believing his own hype by thinking he can have the same kind of success rate in the UFC. The last time we saw Lesnar inside a cage, he gave up after a wicked kick from Alistair Overeem. There’s no doubt that Lesnar is an incredible athlete, but no one deserves to have such a ridiculously lightweight schedule and still wear the WWE belt. The WWE doesn’t seem to realize how much damage it is doing the title by letting Lesnar prance around on his own terms.

Lesnar is not a WWE draw. He’s never even on TV. What value does the WWE see in him? The WWE could book the Big Show to play essentially the same role.

Lesnar will probably wrestle two or three more times in the WWE, quit and then sign with the UFC for an immediate title shot. The UFC will likely sign him because he is a major draw, particularly in a division with so little top talent. Lesnar will probably lose his title match in the UFC, which will then tell the fans that the guy who ended the Undertaker’s streak, who wore the WWE title on his own terms, once again failed in the UFC.

If you want the WWE title to mean something, you need to treat it well. Lesnar either needs to defend the title regularly or let someone else handle the strap. Daniel Bryan, are you healed yet?