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Is the UFC Sheduling Too Many 2015 Events?

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MMA is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet over the past 2 decades. What was once a series of VHS tapes making the rounds in the martial arts community has become an international enterprise with multiple competing promotions. With the extreme rise in popularity in the early 2000’s, the UFC became and still remains the most dominant MMA promotion out there. However, between the fight nights, numbered events, UFC’s on fox and fight pass events, is the UFC showcasing too many MMA events?

(Lorenzo Fertitta, photo via lowkickmma.com)
(Lorenzo Fertitta, photo via lowkickmma.com)

MMA is still a relatively new phenomenon and quite unlike other major established sports. There is no unified league and body as with the NBA, MLB, NFL etc. Instead, individual promotions compete with their own specific roster of fighters. For this reason, another promotion like Bellator, WSOF, One FC can steal a night or weekend if the UFC has no scheduled event. It’s understandable why the UFC wants to put on a near-weekly competitive event to be as present as possible in the MMA promotion game.


The “yes” argument hinges on the entertainment platform the UFC chooses for it’s events. Some fights make it to Fox Sports 1, some are available via UFC Fight Pass subscription, but the unarguably best UFC numbered events are available on pay-per-view. Depending on your perspective, this is either a diversified way to reach a wide audience and market or somewhat of a mess. More events also means working harder to advertise and promote each event and fighter. It takes a lot more work to build the names and reputations of the athletes when so many will be competing over the course of 45 scheduled events in 2015.

Do you think that more events per year is better for the UFC? Where do you fall in the argument?

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