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Is Mayweather the Subject of Unfair Criticism?

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather has a reputation in Boxing as someone who creates easy fights and someone who refuses to fight Manny Pacquiao. In his defense, there may be some facts that are being widely ignored by the public and the media.

Easy Fights?

Jose Luis Castillo- Critics believe that Mayweather lost their first fight and asked to see it again. Floyd accepted the challenge and won again yet critics remained unsatisfied.

Diego Corrales was an unbeaten IBF super featherweight champion when Mayweather knocked him down 5 times during his 10th round TKO.

Carlos Baldomir was recognized by Ring Magazine as the true welterweight champion at the time he fought Mayweather. He had recently defeated Zab Judah and Gatti.

Oscar de la Hoya was the WBC light middleweight champ when he fought Floyd. Mayweather was fighting at this weight (No catchweight) for the first time against a bigger and stronger opponent. To say that Floyd was a lock to win that fight is nothing short of ignorant.

Ricky Hatton was the light welterweight king and had power oozing out of both hands, so it was definitely not certain that Floyd would win. After the fight, critics said that Hatton was too small for Mayweather.

Shane Mosley had just knocked out the most avoided man in boxing, Antonio Margarito in spectacular fashion. But after his fight with Mayweather critics forgot about what Mosley did to Margarito and said Mosely was washed up.

Mayweather went up in weight to fight Miguel Cotto for his WBA title. Miguel was on a three-win streak with 3 knockouts at this weight, but Mayweather won by unanimous decision.

Also, Victor Ortiz was the Welterweight Champ when Mayweather knocked him out in the 4th round.

Avoiding Manny?

Mayweather claims to have offered Pacquiao $40 million with $20 Million guaranteed. However, Pacquiao refused a drug test. If these claims are true, it’s hard to understand where all of the Mayweather criticism is coming from.

What do you think? Do you think that Floyd Mayweather has been taking on easy opponents? Do you think that Manny Paquiao has earned the right to demand 50/50 in a fight with Floyd Mayweather?

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