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Not One, But Two WWE Superstars Released


WWE has released two superstars recently, one of which was The Great Khali who has competed in the company for almost 15 years. This is being reported by wrestlinginc.com.

“Sources within WWE confirmed to F4WOnline.com and PWInsider.com on Friday that Dalip Singh Rana, who is known as the Great Khali, is no longer with the organization after his profile on WWE.com was transferred to the Alumni section on Thursday.

It was noted to both websites that the 42-year-old’s contract expired this past week and company officials opted not to renew it.”

Despite being 42 years old and having many health issues during his career as a WWE superstar, Khali was able to amass some heavy stardom upon his beginning.

He was able to maintain a substantial feuds with The Undertaker, Triple H and Rey Mysterio and he even captured the World Heavyweight Championship when he defeated 20 other men in a Battle Royal after he threw Batista and Kane over the top rope. He then defeated the same two men in a triple threat match at the following Summerslam pay-per-view.

In his final appearance in-ring, he was soundly squashed (like everyone recently) against Rusev. This match took place on the last SmackDown episode in October on Halloween night.

(Photo via www.wwe.fr)
(Photo via www.wwe.fr)

Another superstar that the WWE has decided to not renew their contract with was former Raw general manager and often used as comic relief, Brad Maddox. Brad’s career seemingly stopped before it had even started.

Brad debuted on the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view main event of 2012, interfering on then WWE Champion CM Punk’s behalf by delivering a low-blow  to the former number 1 contender, Ryback. He cemented himself as a bonafied member of “The Authority” alongside Kane, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and The Shield.

However he was portrayed as a patsy to The Authority, only doing their dirty work and dealing with The Shield in and out. Then almost a year later he aligned himself with a now face-ortiented version of The Shield.

The Shield was in a feud with the newly formed Evolution consisting of Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton. Brad allowed The Shield to come and go as they pleased in regards to interfering in matches. Kane then promptly removed Maddox from the Authority by brutally attacking him.

The last appearance from Maddox was on the WWE App in a minor interview.

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