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Press Day Questions with Melvin Manhoef

(Deadly Dutch Striker Melvin Manhoef)

During the frenzy of press day and follow up questioning, we had the chance to talk with KO specialist Melvin Manhoef. Manhoef has had an extensive career in both kickboxing (37-12) and MMA (29-11). He made a big Bellator debut by knocking out Doug “The Rhino” Marshall at 1:45 of the first round of Bellator 125. We ask about Glory kickboxing veteran opponent Joe Schilling and what his plan of attack is for Bellator 131.

(Joe Schilling and Melvin Manhoef Staredown, Bellator 131 press conference. Photo: Kurt Tellez)
(Joe Schilling and Melvin Manhoef Staredown, Bellator 131 press conference. Photo: Kurt Tellez)

Scifighting: When it comes to kickboxing, do you like the standard K-1/Glory rules? Would you prefer that they add more use of the Thai clinch and elbows?

Manhoef: I think I prefer more the K-1 style, more of the normal style. In Glory, sometimes the clinching kills the excitement. When you have 3-minute rounds and can box and kick, it’s more exciting to see people hit each other and utilize boxing techniques and kicks. I think there’s more excitement than people hanging, dragging and kneeing.

Scifighting: You’ve competed in both kickboxing and MMA in your career. Going forward, do you think you will be taking any fights in Glory?

Manhoef: I don’t know yet, we have to decide what we’re going to do. Bellator also has to decide what they’re gonna do with me. Then, I will make my choice on what I am going to do.

Scifighting: In the open workouts, some fighters chose to use full 16 oz. boxing gloves, but you warmed up with 4 oz. MMA gloves. Why did you choose to go with the lighter gloves?

Manhoef: For warm ups, the workout was not intense and very light. I have to get used to it in the last week. The workout wasn’t intense, so it was possible to do that.

Scifighting: What are some of the key components to winning this fight with Joe Schilling on Saturday?

Manhoef: To keep on my gam eplan and do my job and do what I do best. Keep my game plan focused, this is how I’m going to be victorious. With my timing, it’s good and it’s getting better everyday so on Saturday it’s gonna be sharp.

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