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Hulk Hogan Training For WWE WrestleMania 31?

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WWE’s Hall of Famer and former poster child Hulk Hogan has teased the idea of returning to in-ring competition. However, it appears to not be a tease after all.

Hulkamania is looking to indeed run wild at Wrestlemania 31 and all he needs is the ok from the top WWE executives. Hogan has slimmed down from 290 pounds to fit in his new Levi jeans just in time for his possible appearance at the new Levi Stadium in mid 2015.

In an interview with Turnbuckle Weekly, Hogan expressed his opinions on his return and described what it would take for him to sell out just one more arena.

(Photo courtesy of itsrockingwrestling.wordpress.com)
(Photo courtesy of itsrockingwrestling.wordpress.com)

“At the end of the day, it’s me getting Vince’s ear, and me getting in Triple H’s ear, and talking to them into letting me rock the house one more time,” Hogan said. “[John] Cena would be the guy I’d love to get in the ring with, you know, if I could irritate Stone Cold so much he’d come out of retirement, I’d love to have him open a can of whoop ass on me and see what happens.”

The initial reports of Hogan wanting to face the Rattlesnake have proven to be true and an extra interest in John Cena is just lagniappe. Only time, Hogan’s back and the WWE’s physicals will tell if the pair will ever face off.

“My back’s cool. I never dreamed that if we were to digress and wind backward almost three and a half years ago when I was sitting in a wheelchair after back surgery number six, the doctors told me and my new wife I’d never walk again,” Hogan said. “After three more back surgeries, I was up on my feet moving around. Now if we fast forward a couple years, my back doesn’t hurt at all, brother.”

Optimistic opinions from the Hulkster are more than enough to leave the 80’s class of Hulkamaniacs clamoring at the possibility of yet another WrestleMania return. If Hulk Hogan were to return, it would mark the first time since taking on Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 19.

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