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5 Tips for Holiday Season Weight Cutting


There is no easy way to cut weight during the holidays. Virtually all typical American traditions for celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Year’s involve some sort of gluttonous consumption of foods and beverages that are not weigh-in friendly. Here are some fighter to fighter tips for athletes competing during the holiday season.thanksgiving-food

1. Mental Readiness for the Cut

When possible, it is always a good idea to have your fight date and opponent locked in as early as possible. This is not just for training purposes. It is psychologically easier to focus on a goal the more realistic that it becomes. A fighter, who may or may not be on a card in December, will be more likely to eat a big Thanksgiving meal than one who knows for sure that they have to be a certain weight on a certain date. Lock it in ASAP.santa-on-scale

2. Start Early

If you are aware that there are certain foods that you are going to want to eat on the holiday, like your mom’s sweet potato pie or your aunt’s honey glazed ham, you have to earn it. Start cutting before the holiday and cut more than you normally would that far out from the fight. If you can take off a pound or two extra a week or two faster than normal, it will not be the end of the world if you put it back on. Let’s clarify that we are not talking about water weight, but actual fat. Most trainers advise that you stay away from alcohol completely during fight camp, but if you do choose to drink, you should do so very very minimally.snowmen_holiday_weight_gain

3. Hydrate

Water fills you up. Most people want to try and fill every last little space in their body with food during the festivities. This is not you. Drinking water will help you feel satiated. You are probably going to have to make a conscious effort to do this, especially given the distractions of family and friends during this timeenhanced-buzz-25750-1387320880-0

4. Hide the Food

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is when you may have to really ask your family, friends and co-workers to go the extra mile for you. If you are in a work place that receives an abundance of food-oriented gifts during the holidays, it may be worth it to try and talk to your co-workers about keeping the items in an area that you do not frequent if possible. If you live with someone who loves to bake during the holidays, ask them do to so during times when you are away from the home, either at work or training. Communication is key. There will be situations where these options aren’t realistic, but it is worth a shot and the stress having to resist the food in front of you.

5. Don’t Stop Your Training Regiment

It is easy to get off track and distracted with the business of the holidays and all the friends and family in town. If you are traveling, the level of distraction may be significantly higher. Have a plan. You will be doing cardio at “X” time on “X” days at “X” location regardless of what is going on. No one wants to play catch up at the end of a cut, so keep the pace as planned.

It’s not going to be easy. Holiday weight cutting entails a whole other level of discipline. If this is your first cut, you may want to wait until after the new year. Unless you enjoy torture. Then have at it. Best of luck to all the fighters competing over the next several months and Happy Holidays from SciFighting.com.