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Glory 18 Main Card Preview

(Davit Kiria vs. Robin van Roosmalen, Glory 12 New York. Photo courtesy of Glory World Series)

Glory returns on Friday in Oklahoma. Under the direction of new CEO Jon Franklin, anticipation runs high for kickboxing’s return since June’s Last Man Standing in LA. To get you up to speed on tonight’s main card matchups, let’s preview who will be touching gloves in Glory 18

Co-Main Event: Davit Kiria vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Davit Kiria (22-9-0) will make his first lightweight title defense against challenger Robin van Roosmalen (32-6-0). The current champ won the inaugural title after a historic comeback effort against the talented Andy Ristie. His Kyokushinkai karate will take on the high-paced, dutch kickboxing style of Robin Van Roosmalen. Roosmalen has defeated Kiria once before by unanimous decision, but will he be able to repeat the victory in their second matchup?

Co Main Event: Wayne Barrett Vs. Jason Wilnis

Middleweight co-headliner Wayne Barrett (5-1) has won 5 of his last 6 fights heading into Glory 18. The former Golden Gloves amateur boxing champion trains with the likes of UFC fighters Brian Stann and Douglas Lima in preparation before stepping into the ring. With 3 KO’s out of 5 fights in the Glory arena, look out for the knock out against competitor Jason Wilnis (21-4-1).

Light Heavyweight Contender Tournament
Zack Mwekassa

Zack Mwekassa (11-1-0) can land absolute bombs in the ring. He has only had one fight in Glory, but he entered the promotion in a big way by KO’ing kickboxing and MMA veteran Pat Barry. What he may lack in an experienced record, he makes up for in punching power. Watch out for that killer uppercut.

Brian Collette

Brian Collette (21-2-0) will fight back Mwekassa’s giant hands with precision striking. The Road to Glory tournament finalist has demonstrated that he can throw accurate head kicks from all kinds of unusual and unexpected angles. Mwekassa will have to be prepared for Collette’s striking precision that has earned him 18 career KO’s.

Danyo Ilunga

Danyo Ilunga (56-5-0) is rated the #1 light heavyweight. His kickboxing accomplishments include earning the It’s Showtime! 95 kg World Championship, I.K.B.O and I.M.C. Muay Thai Championships. Under the training of the great Remy Bonjasky, Ilunga has also adopted a deadly flying knee in his kickboxing arsenal.

Saulo Cavalari

#3 light heavyweight contender Saulo Calalari (28-2-0) is coming off a decision loss to Tyrone Spong, but showed tremendous endurance against Spong’s power. Cavalari is a young Glory prospect that shows strong potential to impress Oklahoma in a big way.

Catch the action of Glory 18 on Spike TV Friday November 7th at 9:00 pm PST.